Saturday, July 31, 2021

Australian light horse

 Australian Light Horse

Not a lot of time for painting this week as I have been renovating another bedroom. Did manage to get some time in the bench to knock out some 28mm Australian Light Horsemen, limited edition made by Eureka for the Cancon entry fee a number of years ago. They will both go in the cabinet for now but may end up in the shop for sale I think as my light horse collection is now in 1/72-20mm scale. 

I have painted one each for the two regiments that recruited in the New England Ranges (where I was raised as a boy) during WW1. I had great grand uncles who served in the Middle East, Gallipoli and France for the 1st Australian Imperial Force.

Australian Light Horse WW1



Jonathan Freitag said...

Very handsome brushwork! Good luck on the bedroom Reno.

Bluewillow said...

Thanks mate