Sunday, December 29, 2019

20mm Normandy cafe, what is in a name

Almost completed my 20mm Normandy Cafe all I need to do is name it. I need a name that will work for Normandy, Brittany and Pays de La Loire, so I can use it o on my table in any location. Thoughts guys? I have currently digging through my 1939 copy of the Blues guide to Normandy for inspiration.


Saturday, December 28, 2019

20mm Bombed out building

Chipping way at completing the 20mm buildings, this bombed out building has been in the painting stash for at least 3 years, very happy with my result though.



Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas 2019

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your families.

A special merry Christmas to al our guests who have joined us at French Wargame Holidays at L'Hotel de Hercé this year from China, United States of America, Canada, Australia, India, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria and France.

It has been a pleasure to welcome the partners to stay and enjoy our historic 18th century Maison particular-  L'Hotel de Hercé, and to experience western France, the real France where people can walk in the footsteps of history.

Matt and Nessa

Sunday, December 22, 2019

20mm building boom

I have been working on so,e terrain this week, specifically 20mm bits for my Normandy and Arnhem tables.

Two Resin Houses, ( raventhorpe shop) one ruin and one plastic Faller I think model railway kit I purchased off eBay. First job was to remove the plastic roof and build an interior. Next to build a roof for the partly ruined building and the ruins I added sandbags. The Raventhorpe shop will be a straight forward build.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Chassuers de Fischer

another unit rescued from my 7YW blog fine and dandy. Chassuers de fischer, with perry mirliton for the drummers and officers.

Volutaires de Bretons

another unit moved from my 7YW blog, the voluntaires de Bretons fought in the WAS and become part of  volutaires de Flandre for the 7YW.

Voluntaries Étrangers de Clermont Prince

I have posted this here after I closed my 7YW blog that was dormant for a number of years, I sold these recently to an American client.

Regiment La Sarre, 7YW French

Another French 7YW unit off the desk, regiment La Sarre, originally raised as Regiment de la Ferté-Senneterre in the Lorraine by Maréchal de La Ferté on the 20th May 1651. The regiment consisted of two battalions in the 7 YW and was commanded from February 1747 by Louis-Guy-Sacriste de Tombeboeuf, chevalier than Marquis de Montpouillan and in December 1767 Jean-Henri Morel de Groslée, Compte de Peyre.

1st battalion
The first battalion was posted 1757 to Royan until 1760 thence to La Rochelle, in

2nd battalion
Commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Etienne-Guillaume de Senezergues, made brigadier on the 10th February 1759, second in command to Montcalm  at the plains of Abraham

 battle honours
1756 battle of Fort Oswego
1757 battle fort William Henry
1758 battle fort Carillon (Ticonderoga)nnnn
1759 battle plain of Abraham
1760 battle Sainte-Foy
1760 capitulation of Montreal

After the return of the depleted second battalion from Canada the depleted regiment was reorganised. In 1762 the regiment was part of the corps of Maréchal de Beauvau sent to Spain during the attempted conquest of Portugal. The regiment was at the siege of Almedia and qautered in Andal. I need 1763 the regiment returned to France.


Sunday, December 8, 2019

La Reine French line infantry Regiment 7YW

Off the desk this week La Reine line infantry regiment, 28mm Front Rank miniatures, just a joy to paint.

The regiment La Reine was raised in 1634 as a gentlemens regiment, the regiment caserne was  in Montpellier, by the seven years war the Queen was the Colonel, so the regiments were officered by Colonel lieutenants, From 1759 to 62 the regiment Colonel Lieutenant was Anne-Emmanuel-François-George Marquis de Crussol d'Ambois (who lost his head during the revolution). In 1762 the Colonel lieutenant was Charles-François-Casimir de Saulx, Comte de Tavannes until 1774. 

The first battalion had very little action in the European theatre, but the second fought in most the the major engagements in Canada. 

For sale €150 + postage, 24 figures plus mounted Colonel and battalion gun. Mark Sold in comments or use the contact form on the on the page.


Monday, December 2, 2019

1st Louisiana Wheats Tigers Battalion

1st Louisiana Volunteers Wheats Tigers

Off the painting desk this week before my eyes go crossed from plaid, I finished off a quite paint job of some ACW figures I had in my "painting sometimes" pile, or draw to be more correct. From time to time while in the middle of a project and not feeling inspired I will pick up something very simple and paint it, from this pile of lead, then normally sell it, because I am no longer playing the period. This is the case for these chaps as I already have a battalion in my collection so surplus now to my needs. The 28mm miniatures are sculpted by the talented Mark Fenton, and are sold by Adventure time Miniatures through Elite Miniatures Australia, I think they are some of the finest sculpted ACW figures on the market today.

On eBay now here in my shop

The 1st Louisiana tigers had a bad reputation during the war, being raised from "the lowest scum of the lower Mississippi...adventurous wharf rats, thieves and outcasts...and bad characters generally." 
But I think almost all confederate players will have an entire battalion in their collection. I doubt as do historians that the entire battalion ever wore the Zouave uniform, as each company was raised independently,  but wargamers being wargamers will paint the entire battalion looking that way. Some still even paint the uniform in brown, which as far as I know has been disproved, being blue that has faded to a brown as the dye was of bad quality. 

This range is also available from Adventure Miniatures sold by Elite Miniatures Australia. Here


Sunday, December 1, 2019

Plodding through Plaid.....painting miniatures thoughts

I posted the picture below tonight on a number of Facebook forums and had probably the best reaction to a photo for some time. Painting plaid is a daunting task and I have tried over the years to perfect it. The secret is paint flow, and shading highlights. I basically paint and wash like I do for all my models, then highlight, then add the lines, then highlight the squares inbetween. For the fine lines I have tried wet palettes, water, drying retarder and mediums etc, I finally settled on a idea I read on planet models forum using a single drop Vallejo varnish as the medium.  I find it works the best on a wet palette, dragging both together into a mix, too a milk consistency,  add a good brush, preferably sable, I used a 5/0 kolinsky on this piece, but a good 000 will give a satisfactory result as long as it has a good point. Brush washing also helps, as I paint almost every day I wear our brushes quite fast, so I like to wash them weekly so I can get a long service from a expensive sable? As for the lines I lay it down on my finger nail first to ensure it is correct, also I find a good magnifier is required, I use mine for all my painting now my eyes are failing me. I purchased it at a dress makers shop and have the brightest daylight globe I could find.

Hope that is helpful, not a expert at any means, but happy to pass on my tips.