Saturday, July 31, 2021

Australian light horse

 Australian Light Horse

Not a lot of time for painting this week as I have been renovating another bedroom. Did manage to get some time in the bench to knock out some 28mm Australian Light Horsemen, limited edition made by Eureka for the Cancon entry fee a number of years ago. They will both go in the cabinet for now but may end up in the shop for sale I think as my light horse collection is now in 1/72-20mm scale. 

I have painted one each for the two regiments that recruited in the New England Ranges (where I was raised as a boy) during WW1. I had great grand uncles who served in the Middle East, Gallipoli and France for the 1st Australian Imperial Force.

Australian Light Horse WW1


Friday, July 30, 2021

Breton crossbow Guerre Folle- the Mad war

 Breton crossbow 

Some more Perry miniatures crossbowmen off the table for my Guerre Folle project 1485-90.

The anniversary of the battle of Saint Aubin du Cormier was yesterday, so good to add something for the commemoration. We offer a battlefield tour and a visit to the chateaux of Saint Aubin du Cormier and Chateau Fougeres (largest medieval chateau in France) as part of our wargame holiday experiences.

Breton Crossbowmen 

"walk the battlefield in the morning, wargame in the afternoon"
French Wargame Holidays at l'hotel de Hercé


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Baden Generals 1809-12

 Baden Infantry Generals

Still working on my Baden Napoleonic army in between French cavalry and Prussian Infantry. This is Infantry Brigade commander and my Light Dragoon Cavalry Commander, all figures from Murawski Miniatures lovely Baden Napoleonic range.

I plan to do a small article later this week on the Army of Baden so stay tuned, just for my own sanity mostly for references when painting the infantry! The last cavalry squadron is not far off and should be done by the end of the week, I do need to convert a figure as the standard bearer though. 

The figures have had a few simple green stuff conversions, the ADC received a aiguillette and ribbon and medal from green stuff, General Major Von Harrant had feathers sculpted onto his bicorne and a epaulette fringe on the right shoulder.

Baden General Major Valentine Von Harrant

General Major Valentin von Harrant

Baden Light Dragoon Regiment Oberst Karl von Freystedt


Monday, July 19, 2021

Anjou Maine Skirmishers VI

 Dark Age Skirmishers

Another quick unit off the table, I basically done these in between painting the Napoleonic’s figures as a break from belts etc. 

I do enjoy painting dark age - early medieval figures and this  unit can join my Anjou-Maine army for the 9th-11th century battles, which will become a focus in September as we are hosting a French professor of Carolingian to Viking history for three days, visiting sites and wargaming the local battles, so I have much to do, particularly Vikings and Carolingian cavalry. 

A mix of Footsore, Blacktree miniatures and mix of shields, LBM transfers and hand painted.

Dark Age Skirmishers


Sunday, July 18, 2021

Dark Age markers

 Last week was hectic with Vanessa’s birthday, renovation of a timber floor and guests from Holland and France,  plus another birthday party so not a lot of time to complete much at all. I did get some time on the bench for terrain and a complete the basing of a few units. Today as a rest day I completed a few plastic kits that remained from my 30 day kit challenge.

This week I should complete another two units for my Breton independence wars and some more work on my ongoing Napoleonic projects, Baden, French and Prussians. Later in the week some more ww2 and medieval are also lined up in the queue as the weather has improved perfect for the airbrush! 

These markers were simple and have been sitting in my to do’s pile for some time, the shields have been completed for a long time, all transfers except for the Norman kite shield. I just needed to sand the bases paint and glue them on. More dark ages coming as I have started assembling my Victrix Vikings …..perhaps next month. 

Dark Age Disorder Markers


Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Modern Civilian cars and Technicals

Technicals and Civilian vehicles

On facebook last month someone posted a T55 turret mounted on a dump truck, so off to our local charity shop this weekend see if I could pick up a suitable piece, while I was there I also picked up some other pieces, some for my Bundesgrenzschutz build and some other pieces, I like lots of cars for terrain fillers for modern warfare, it makes the terrain look lived in.

While I failed in my task to find a suitable dump truck I did manage to pick up a number of civilian 80s cars, a big bonus plus some suitable ww2 cars! As with most matchbox, majorette vehicles of the 80s lots of sports cars and not many everyday cars suitable for the wargames table. All of these will be receiving a new paint job at some stage and join my box of terrain filler bits!

Porsche 924 My dream car in 1985 before I knew about V8s....

BMW 733, my uncle had one of these in about 87

Mercedes 350SL two sexy

Citroen SM I was excited to find this!

James Bond my feature in his swimming lotus esprit!

A caravan, the second one, I think it will join a lakeside camp perhaps

Mercedes Benz 2400, It will join my Bundesgrenzschutz

Next week another visit and see If I can get lucky


Monday, July 5, 2021

Napoleonic Austrian Army Part 1

Austrian Napoleonic Army part 1

In the late eighties I originally had an 15mm old Glory Austrian army which I sold to replace with Old Glory and Foundry 25mm which never really grew much past a brigade as I had moved back to Sydney by 1995.

In that year I met a bunch of crazy guys in the Australian Napoleonic Society, who were playing 1-20 figure ratio rule set In the Grand Manner. Dean Carpenter really kicked off a arms race that lasted for 5 years at least until I moved south to Goulburn in 2000. At this time I also found two lifelong mates Greg (Unlucky General) who played the dastardly British,  and Raoul, a Italian/Austrian who loved his Austrians so much he eventually built the entire Austrian Army for 1809 at 1-20 in 15mm and 28mm!  

Raoul Palese, my great Austrian adversary,
 MOAB 1997 Light cavalry battle eleven 24 figure regiments per side.

Raoul's Army was all MINIFIG 25mm and a few Hinchcliffe Uhlans (40 from memory) and he continued to build with MINIFIG until he completed his project. Raoul and I played a lot, possibly every week sometimes two or three day games in Campaign season (My holidays). We had some fabulous games on his 30ft table in his shed. On his 80th Birthday I gifted him my Foundry Austrian infantry, two batteries of artillery and a Cuirassier regiment. The 1st Austrian Cuirassiers 6 squadrons strong (48 figs), Hoch and Deutschmeister 48 figs and a battery of artillery for display. This Year Raoul turns 90, I am planning on sending him a reproduction Austrian Flag of his favourite unit the Trieste Landwehr (the pirates), may he continue to roll well!

When I gifted Raoul most of my units I sold the remainder and with the cash replaced a lot with Front Rank figures, ALL of this remains unpainted....….. However this year I intend to start painting it along with a few regiments from Revolutionary Armies range (early pre 1805) Victrix plastics and Perry plastics, plus the new Perry plastic cavalry, predominantly will be for 1805 campaign, but will stretch to 1809 ok. These units will be painted in the grand unit sizes still and be used for General de Brigade rules (or Grand Manner-Black Powder).

After I complete my Baden cavalry and two Prussian Infantry Reserve regiments I will crack on with my Austrians!


Saturday, July 3, 2021

Baden Dragoons, 1st regiment 3rd Squadron

 3rd Squadron Baden Dragoons

The third squadron, while researching I have found the sword knots designated the squadrons, so I need to go back and add that to my figures, plus Murawski do not have a standard bearer, so a conversion is required I think, simple sword raised chap will do it. Happy again with the grey horse!

Baden Dragoons Murawski Miniatures

Happy with the grey!

Baden Dragoons, chasing off pesky Austrians!


Friday, July 2, 2021

Baden 2nd Squadron 1st Regiment of Dragoons

 Baden Dragoons, 2nd Sqn, 1st Regiment

The next squadron hot on the heels of the first, the Murawski miniatures are a pleasure to paint with good detail as a whole. for the second squadron I removed the epaulette fringes on the officer to make him a captain, rather than a major. Particularly happy with my grey horses, which I do hate painting.

Murawski 28mm Baden Dragoons

Baden Dragoons


Thursday, July 1, 2021

Baden light dragoon Regiment 1st sqaudron

 Baden Light dragoon Regiment 

The first squadron of my Baden Dragoons are completed, I have a full Regiment of 4 squadrons to complete for the regiment. I am using the Murawski 28mm range which are very nice. I will also publish a research article on the Baden army as I like to clear up everything before I paint a range.

Baden Dragoons, 1st sqn, 1st Regiment