Monday, January 30, 2012

Cancon 2012

Another CANCON come and gone,

On Friday I was running late to set up the trade stand arrived about 9:30, I had the tables and the stock so it was looking very bare!!! This year Matt C  came down from Sunny Queensland and ran the Wartime stand allowing us both to mingle and catch up with a lot of mates and have a look around the trade stalls ourselves along with manning the stall.

A large number of people traveled from all over OZ, New Zealand and the south Pacific to Australia's largest wargames convention. The traders stalls all seemed to be busy and were busting at the seams with stock. I think the convention was a little down on numbers this year due to Australia day not being on the Thursday, not the Friday or Monday.

 A few of the club members were involved with running some fine participation games,

 Gregory ran out his tried and trusted Alamo,

Dave W put on two days of 15mm Might and Reason WAS games
and Mark and John ran the 1812 game

 and Craig ran a Viking Saga  game.

Matt C and I had decided to run a Force on Force participation game with 20mm Wartime miniatures on the Sunday, I built the tables and painted the minis and ran the game while Matt manned the stall. The rest of the pics are on my modern blog.

The Melbourne boys also ran out two huge ECW games using a Black Powder variation apparently due for release soon.

and a very fine Borodino game in 6mm

Next Year the club members are thinking about running a Russian themed participation games, one period of Russian front gaming for each of the three days, planning are in the early stages, so more discussion to be done..........To sum up Cancon was a success as usual, I still would like to see some changes regarding layout of the trade stalls and the quality of the participation games, moving the trade and participation games into the middle hall (air conditioned!) move the card gamer's upstairs and that way more room around each of the competition tables,  the Vice president of the CGS committee  knows my thoughts so I will leave it there.......and see you all next year.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Well I have been painting some Crusader and Perry miniatures for Andrew for his FOG/WAB WOTR army and these guys came off the table just after Christmas. I managed to take a selection of pictures of his last four units before I drop them off. I have painted about 120 figures for him in the last two months so I am excited to finish the infantry and get on painting some of my own stuff, although I hear he has some cavalry waiting for me to pick up at Cancon next weekend.

I was very surprised to see that the Crusader WOTR range fit Perry plastics perfectly and are a pleasure to paint, Andrew also used his spare polearms from the perry plastic sets to add to the crusader figures along with some North Star pikes so he has two units of pike and four polearmed units, I am a little disappointed in the Men at Arms figures but added into a mixed plastic and metal Perry unit it will have some more variation.

My favourite sculpts are the unarmoured Pike/polearmed miniatures, as wargamers playing comps etc we really don't represent the majority of troops on the medieval battlefield, the crap armed and unarmoured peasants, something I will add to my next unit for my WOTR army.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leutnant Hans Kirschstein Jasta 6

off the production line this week
Leutnant Hans Kirschstein in his dazzle camo, a lovely Roden DR1 in 1/72nd scale. Hand painted stripes as I couldn't find my masking tape!