Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Terrain Tuesday- Sinai Terrain part 1


 Sinai terrain

While I do have a collection of terrain pieces for my desert games I have very little in the way of 20th century type pieces for towns etc except for my Iraq thunder run table bits (jersey barriers and buildings and a few trees). 

I did have some Street lights and palms laying around in stock with part built I had started for city entry pieces, these pieces have been part finished for some time but originally was only going to be palms for my Iraqi war table, however by adding the lights give it more of a 20th century look. 

A collection of small trees, I cut some of the stumps so they were not all the same heights.


Sunday, October 22, 2023

Scottish Archers unit 5

 Scottish Archers 

Another unit of Perry plastic archers for my Scots, next up I have heavy foot coming then some cavalry. 


Saturday, October 21, 2023

Bundesgrenzschultz VW van


  Bundesgrenzschutz VW Van

While I was airbrushing a lot of vehicles last week (while the weather was pleasant) I quickly painted up my remaining Bundesgrenzschutz vehicles. For completed off the table is a van, pretty much match box recovery that had the front pillars missing, which I rebuilt with green stuff and styrene, plus the traffic light which is also green stuff. I have also molded a plastic windscreen in hot water from a vegetable pack, but cannot find it on my messy desk so a cleanup may occur tomorrow! 

I am planning also to add Bundesgrenzschutz writing on the sides in black, but will complete my helicopter and other vehicles first before I play around making up the transfers to be printed, then complete all of the vehicles at once.

 I only have the checkpoint and four more vehicles to come (one truck, one ambulance and Jeep , plus the helicopter and they will be completed. In the meantime I must complete some more vehicles before this weekends Yom Kippur anniversary game! 



Monday, October 16, 2023

Egyptian Army 1967-73 Infantry


 Egyptian Army 1967-73 -Infantry 

The infantry for this project are from Elheim miniatures. The figures are from the middle eastern range which will work for most middle eastern nations during the period. They have a good variety of poses and I am really happy with my results. 

Painting guide Egyptian Infantry Arab Israeli wars

I have researched the uniforms and decided to go a little darker than the sand colour recommended in battlefront fate of nations guide. I use a black undercoat, a base colour, the wash, then Highlight the same colour. 
Flesh Vallejo dwarf flesh, highlight about 10% elf flesh, Warpaint brown flesh wash. 
Tunic and trousers Vallejo panzer aces French tanker uniform
Webbing AK khaki webbing
Helmet Vallejo Russian uniform
Wood Rifle Furniture Vallejo mahogany
Weapon metal work Vallejo German grey 
Boots Vallejo German grey 
Support weapons and RPG is Vallejo German camo green
Airborne Berets Vallejo dark red, then blood red highlight. 
The grass tufts are my own using either Noch or faller flocks. 

I am really happy with these chaps and they will also double for my Iraqis. 

1st Motorised regiment

The motorised truck units had a structure of ; One  HQ company and two rifle companies and one support company. I have 6 trucks almost completed for these chaps, plus two command Zil 157 vans. I also need to print some Soviet jeeps for the Sagger crews to complete the regiment.

1st Battalion

2nd Battalion 

Armoured infantry battalion 

I need to add a sniper to this battalion and some heavy weapons. I am having trouble finding a decent order of battle for these with conflicting sources for the structure of the battalions. I have followed the Russian structure for them. A HQ and two rifle companies, with two in the BTR 152 or BTR 50. I have ordered extra vehicles so I can depict 1967 and 73 formations. 

Airborne battalion 

The Egyptian airborne infantry chaps need a few more figures to complete them, this will include some head swaps to get more variation and radio op and heavy weapons. I need to do another order with elhiem shortly. 


Friday, October 6, 2023

French HYW mounted crossbow

 French HYW Mounted Crossbow 

Additions to the Hundred Years War collection. The mounted crossbowmen were often in the free companies, but some are mentioned in the Manche arrie Ban for the battle of Formigny. The miniatures are from the Perry range, I have another base to complete of mounted archers then onto Scottish nobles and men at arms.