Sunday, August 12, 2012

(Seaxan áfiehtaþ) Saxons advant

I have finished some Saxons for Dave's Army, they will come in handy to fill in as Germans for our impetus Fall of the West campaign starting next month. They are from the Crusader Saxon range and a nice sculpts with lots of variants have a mix of hand painted and LBM transfers, and north star spears! Another three units are awaiting basing, then back to my Sassanids........lots of rebasing and some new units coming next week!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Sassanid Pushtigbhan (Royal guard)

Sassanid Royal Guard

Finally finished my Sassanian Shah's  guard unit, all the cavalry are A & A miniatures and the running roman is Foundry, based for impetus. I decided to use the mace armed figures to set them apart from the rest of the Savaran,  I have also painted them in a mix of colours, but sticking to a limited palette of red and  gold to link them all together. The shields are LBM transfers.

My Shah is in Royal Purple and rides a white horse, where as his men ride all black Nisean horses. At this stage I will stay with the banner I have given them until my LBM banner arrives, then this banner will bill presented to another unit!!

Only four more Cataphract units to complete my Sassanid Army, and yes I intend to paint them all as individual knights!

Sassanid cavalry 


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fantasy Knight!

Another of Andrews models I have painted for him, not sure what range it is from