Tuesday, March 29, 2022

King of Kings, Shapur II

 King Of Kings 

I have been on holiday for three months in Australia, the weather was fabulous and it was great to catch up with friends. I had great intentions of painting some figures whilst I was there, however I really did not devote any time really in between family commitments. This is one of the few I actually had time to complete.

King Shapur II, possibly the greatest and longest serving king of the Sassanid empire and a pain in the side to Rome and her allies in the east. The miniature is from the aventine range along with the two retainers and standard, the horse however id from the A&A range and fits in nicely. This vignette almost completes my Sassanid army for Impetus, I would like to buy some more foot, heavy infantry and archers and I will be done. 

King of Kings Shapur II


Thursday, March 17, 2022

Grand Duchy of Baden Army 1809 Part 1

 The Grand Duchy of Baden

As I have decided to add more Napoleonics to my collection this year, one of the armies you may of noticed last year was my Grand Duchy of Baden. The miniatures I will be using for the army are from the Murawski miniatures range. 

A ideal army for wargaming at 1/20, as it is a nice small Division sized army with supporting cavalry, artillery and light infantry. As with most of my armies I like to research and pick a year or battle to focus on. As 1809 is a great campaign period for Baden I will build the army for this period so they can fight against my Austrians.  

I will also plan to add a train, Gendarmes and possibly some militia types too which will require some green stuff to complete! 

My plan is to build this year

  • General staff (mostly completed in 2021)
  • Baden garde du corps 4 figs
  • Guard Infantry 
  • 3 Line Infantry regiments 
  • 1 Jager battalion
  • Garde du Corps
  • Dragoon Regiment (completed 2021)
  • Hussar Regiment (using plastic Perry hussars)
  • 1 foot Artillery battery (completed 2021)
  • 1 horse artillery battery
  • Train
  • Gendarmes (completed in 2021)
  • Militia Infantry and artillery. (possible Jager company, artillery company and veteran battalion inclusion)

Historical Organisation 1809-10
Baden elevated to an electorate in 1803, then a Grand Duchy in 1806, with the population with the additional lands acquired reaching one million people by 1810. The extra territory allowed the state to raise 10,000 men for the army of Baden. It served in the Grande Armee in the 1805, 1806, 1807 1809, 1812 and 1813 campaigns. 

Ministers of War
7 March 1808 to 17 September 1808 Karl von Geusau
1808–1814 Karl Friedrich von Fischer
16 August 1814 to 4 Dezember 1833 Konrad von Schäffer


Some regimental music I have found

Parademarsch der königlich Bayrischen Grenadier Garde

March of the Swabian County Regiment, Durlach-Baden (c. 1700, oíd version)

Pas de redouble

hope you enjoy that