Sunday, September 18, 2022

Duxford IWM visit

 Duxford IWM visit

Day two of our holidays in the UK we visited the Duxford IWM airfield and hangers. What a fabulous museum and both of us really enjoyed it! It is great when your wife is also a ww2 aircraft nut! We payed for the private Lancaster talk and visit, walked around under and actually entered the Canadian built Lancaster, (the AWM canberra could learn a thing or two from this exhibition). We also visited the airborne museum in the main hanger (next post), the 1940 hanger, the privately owned aircraft hanger, the 1940 BoB ops room and the American aircraft hanger, but run out of time to visit the East Anglian regiment museum, and the armour museum, next visit perhaps!. 

I would of liked to have seen the aircraft in more of a order, ww1, mid war, ww2 and modern….but that is my need for order coming out. A few pics of my favorites! 

We had two highlights the Lancaster talk and visit into the aircraft interior and seeing the spitfire two seater take off and fly past. Lots of inspiration for my aircraft builds, I only picked up two kits (both ww1) and no books…..the wife purchased five though, which I will read also. 

More fun to come this week with several castles and two battlefield walks!