Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Terrain Tuesday

 Always adding a bit of 20th century and modern bits to the collection. Some street lamps from model railway supplier, I was hoping to get some more cows done too but next week I suspect. 

I sculpted the paving with green stuff, I did think about adding LEDs but that is for the more permanent pieces I purchased for my city blocks. 



Friday, May 17, 2024

Germanic javelins

 Some more germanics off the desk all from the warlord range. 5 more units to go and the army is done. I  setting them aside for three months whilst our Wargames holiday season is on, being DDay and Arnhem 80th anniversary years we are booked pretty solid until late September. 



Tuesday, April 30, 2024

X Wing fighter Blue Leader

 Blue Leader 

As this side project has been on desk since last month I thought I would get some paint on it. A Revell small kit of the iconic X Wing, a simple assembly. This chap with join my Star Wars collection. Painted, washed and highlighted in one day, I did not use the decals supplied though and went with my own paint scheme of blue. 

Back to normal programming this week! 



Tyne Tees Part Three Artillery crew


50th Infantry Division Tyne tees part 3 artillery 


Back working on my Tyne Tees, this month you may recall I built four priests for the Wargamers Forum plastic “Mad March” plastic and resin kit build.  Two of these will join my Tyne Tees Northumberland regiment along with some towed 25 pounders. I competed the crew this week in preparation for the vehicles being completed over the weekend, if the weather is good. 

First up gun crews and drivers, figures are all PSC crews, as per normal I have added the TT patches. 

Then some Bren crew for the towed OP



Sunday, April 28, 2024

More hairy Germanics

 Hairy Germanics 

More warlord Germanics completed with an odd foundry figure in the mix, a few foundry and first Corps hand painted shields. I am not a fan of the plastic spears and swords and even when photographing I managed to break two spears and a sword, all will be replaced in the next day or two. 

I have 40 odd foot and 12 cavalry to complete the army so I can more on to my Greeks… Napoleonic’s, moderns, and ww2 bits for DDay games. 

Warband 1, all warlord miniatures some foundry and first corps German shields  

Warband two, a foundry, and warlord with mixed shields from foundry, first corps and warlord

Hairy Foundry in the middle, I do love their Germanics 

Warband three, all warlord but mixed sheilds 

Warband Four, the fanatic on the left has a Victrix Viking head, again a mix of metals and plastics from Warlord games, again  mixed shield's from Foundry, First Corps and Warlord Games. 


Saturday, April 20, 2024

German Wehrmacht Horse harness

 I have been messing around with some German horse transport recently and I wanted to get some photos of some museum examples of German horse harness for the small trailers (jigs as we call them in Australia). So when I was on tour this week with guests I managed to snap a few at the DDay experience museum. I will pass these onto Dan who is adding 3d files for us crazy Wargamers so I can have the correct harness!