Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Napoleonic French Mamelukes of the guard wip 2

 Underway with the painting of my band, a lot more to go on the 12 figures. The miniatures are from Gringo 40s, Another week at least before they get to wash stage. 



Monday, May 29, 2023

Roman Italian Triarii Allies

 As I get back to my table I have been completing a few more pieces from my project drawers, a unit I commenced before going on holidays in April was a unit of Triarii for my Italian Allies for my Republican period Roman’s. I have a few Italian allied units to do (10 plus) that can be used as Allies or enemies of Rome for our upcoming campaign at the club. 

This unit represents triarii Italian spearmen based for impetus, hand painted shields, figure manufacturer  Agema minuatures 



Thursday, May 25, 2023

Napoleonic French Mamelukes of the Guard WIP 1

 Settling back into the painting desk this week before I need to move it to a new location on the weekend completing lots of WIP and preparing projects for the Summer push. 

First up, I promised Ged at Gringo 40s I would paint his French Guard Mameluke band for display in the next few months, so I thought I had best get cracking. 

First up some research pics to help with motivation, for tunics, kettle drum, drummers, jingling jonnies and trumpets etc, really for my quick reference! Wip progress photos tomorrow as I started last night! 



Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Partizan haul a little bit of shopping


Finally back home from my first ever Partizan and what a blast it was. I managed to get a great amount of supplies and miniatures from Partizan and photograph it. First up I did have a lot in pre order and some was paid for back in January (my Christmas shopping time), so could be packed and sent in time for my return from Australia and has been sitting at Shaun’s awaiting pick up at this Partizan, particularly as the customs duties to France are punishing if the value is high……oh well Brexit continues to hurt UK small wargaming businesses. 

AB miniatures

20mm American Para, artillery crews and vehicle crews

Ready to Roll 

Raventhorpe British airborne jeeps 

Alder miniatures 

20mm American para, British airborne vehicle crews, German vehicle crews

Early War Miniatures 

Early War Miniatures, British artillery bits

EWM Dutch hussars and artillery crews 

Belgian Hussars, cyclists frontiers and some AA crew


First up we met Harry Sidebottom, and received signed copies of his books, a thrill as I have been reading the stories of Ballista since his first one. 

A lot of books, a lot of these were from my mate in Wales who is clearing his library, but a great selection available and cheap! Even my wife purchased two. 

Old Glory

Two packs of French casualties and wounded for markers for my revolutionary -1809 French army

Gripping Beast 

28mm Gothic cavalry so I can compete my goth cavalry units. 

Foundry miniatures

Imperial Roman Command, praetorian shields, gladiators 

Random stores and Hinds miniatures 

Imperial Roman’s, dark age skirmish types, goths, Bolt action Dice, random truck loads, glue, paint and clippers 

ABC Paint brushes 

First time trying the Pro art series, picked up work horse acrylic and sable they are a great price 


Always need these, possibly should of purchased another 20 or so for my Napoleonic casualties 

Plastic kits 

I had to rescue two Horsa gliders and a German fighter for a tenner

ww2 new kits and a modern jet for my Cold War warpac.

Resin bits 

Bridges from Kallistra, really nice and suitable up to 28mm 

So a huge haul, only a little over budget, a lot of painting ahead of me! 


Monday, May 22, 2023

Partizan 2023

 We drove across to Newark on Trent this weekend to visit Partizan Wargames Show. I was like a ten year old in a sweet shop with cash burning a hole in his pocket. Partizan has been on my list of Wargame shows to attend since my early days of wargaming. Very spectacular looking games were on display and the show was well attended. I met up with a number of people who I had been Facebook or an online friend for the last 25 odd years in one case. A huge amount of traders were in attendance and I made sure I had a very good look around and purchased a lot of minis and books to take back home to France.  

Ray Rousell, great to finally meet after 14 or more years chatting online! 

Another long time online mate Paul Barnett, his Rapid Fire 15mm Carentan table,is very impressive

Alan Sherward’s superb Arnhem Tables, they were spectacular, I have known Alan for 20 odd years online, yesterday first time we have spoken face to face

To the Strongest mega game, thousands of beautiful figures 

Midgard, my wife loved the Viking mythology table 

Another of my favorites the ACW game 

A shot back up the hall hard to get a good photo 

Napoleonic lovely game this

The Entebbe 20mm RF game was superb,