Monday, September 20, 2021

Aragonese Mercenary Crossbow Guerre-Folle

Aragonese Arbalète - Crossbow

 At the battle of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier, Aragonese contingents were sent by Ferdinand of Aragon to support the Breton Cause. The documents have 1000 mercenary Aragonese landing at Quimper to join the Breton Army under two captains, Pere de Queralt commanding a unit of Arbalète and Gimenez  Soler (a Aragon Jewish captain who had fought with Edward Woodville) a unit of spear men. The crossbow unit are complete and the spear unit not far behind. I have used the red cross on a green field the field sign of the Aragon contingents at the siege of Montpellier in 1479.

Again Perry miniatures based for impetus

Aragonese Arbalete -Crossbowmen



Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Terrain Tuesday Tree Renovations - Part 11 Bigger is Better

Bigger is Better when it comes to Trees

As my collection is predominantly 28mm (4500 odd painted figures) I have decided to up my anti and build 28mm scale trees particularly for my Gaulois collection and dark age/early medieval before the fields really started to be tended locally, plus really good for my larger forest stands. These trees are made using my usual practice of oven dried hedge clippings then rubberised horse hair and then woodland scenics powdered flock, basing products, and a large washer on a 50mm base so it fits the magnetic tree base.

If you look at part ten you will of seen a tutorial my method of construction step by step Here

Very happy with the first six, now I need some more flock !

28mm Trees

The Bigger trees are from 18-26cm tall, with magnetic bases to go into the forest bases.


Monday, September 6, 2021

Caesarian Roman Project Part 1 fort

Caesarian Roman Project 

Part 1 Fort/Encampment

One of my major projects this year is a Caesarian Roman army to match my Gaulois project from last year. My plans are to build 28mm Caesarian Romans additions to my current republicans, I want to do another legion.....either the 6th or 13th, I have purchased most of the figures but need a box or Warlord figures and some artillery additions.

When you play impetus you normally need a camp for your table that the enemy can assault and take, I like to build pieces for all of my armies normally with a small scene that tells a story. With that in mind I purchased some figures and the wall pieces from First Corps Miniatures to make this encampment, with legionaries replacing a wall section and digging the trench deeper as a new centurion has arrived "and we must keep them men busy".

Roman Marching Fort

Roman Fort, the walls are interlaced wood filled with earth

The Roman ditch workers, accessories scratch built

Roman soldiers digging

I do plan on adding the 6 remaining walls and four corner towers and two gates at some stage in the future to make a complete square marching camp for my Punic wars and Gallic Wars roman armies collection. 

We have the remainders of three marching camps from the Gallic wars and Caesar's conquest of western Gaul within 40 mins of the Maison. Two in particular are impressive and were used by successive armies up to the early medieval period. One was located in 2010, the clearing of a forest found the remains of the walls and ditches, they suspect this was the fort that was sieged during Caesar's invasion of the west...... A guided tour is available to visit these forts, the Roman Museum and also wargame the Gallic wars at L'hotel de Hercé in our "Salon de Guerre". 

Full details are here

"walk the battlefield in the morning and wargame in the afternoon"


Friday, September 3, 2021

5th Chasseurs a Cheval

 5th Chasseurs a Cheval

A reconditioning of a old unit that has been in the collection for 20 odd years now, rebase, touch ups, highlight of the horses, and added the 5 to the portmanteau. I left the flesh which is the original GW flesh. I have also added a new GMB flag to replace the old Nap Flags one.

Happy with the results, I have another chasseur and one Hussar to complete my light division for my 1805-09 army.

5th Chasseurs a cheval 1st squadron

5th chasseurs a cheval

5th Chasseurs a cheval

5th Chasseurs a cheval close up


Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Airfix Henschel HS129 build part 1

Airfix Henschel HS129

In September we have a Nostalgia build for kits or figures designed pre 2000 and no longer in production. I have elected to build a Airfix Henschel HS129 kit. I actually already have two kits built for this aircraft, one 20mm cannon and one 75mm canon. This model will become a photo reconnaissance aircraft that was shot down east of Laval in August 1944.

Looking forward to the build if you want to join us here


Monday, August 30, 2021

Edward Woodville the last Knight Errant, Breton Guerre Folle - Mad War

 The Last Knight Errant Edward Woodville 

Possibly the last great knight errant, Edward Woodville fought all over Europe and England, he was a leader in the War of the Roses, the invasion of Scotland, and France, fought as a mercenary captain in Castille War of Succession and crusaded against the Moors of Spain. 

I have written a summary of his last days leading up to the battle of Saint Aubin du Cormier where he died with his whole contingent except a young squire who returned to the Isle of Wight. Again Perry Miniatures based for Impetus.

Edward Woodville Lord scales

English Billmen lead by Edward Woodville

Rear English Billmen

Edward Woodville, known as Lord Scales by both the French and Spanish but he never held the title, tenth child of Richard Woodville 1st Earl Rivers. The Family initially supported the Lancastrians the changed allegiances to the house of York when his sister Elizabeth Woodville married King Edward IV.