Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Explosive Ordanance Disposal 54mm Black Dog miniature

I was recently asked to paint up a Black dog 54mm EOD technician for a retiring serviceman, I really enjoyed painting him and will probably get another just for my collection.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Barons Wars - Lewes 14th May, 1264, Order of battle

For several years now I have been trying to put together a knights roll for the battle of Lewes in 1264, I had this on the "lance and Longbow forum" for some time, but I have decided to move it here for ease of updating. I plan to add the coat of arms of each knight, and the peerage line if possible also as I get around to it.

Here is the list I have so far

Rebel Barons Army 400 horse 4400 foot

Right Ward
Humphrey (V) de Bohun
John de Burgh
Henry de Montfort
Guy De Montfort

Centre Ward
Gilbert de Clare (the red)(Earl of Gloucester)(lord of Glamorgan)
John Fitz John
William de Montchensy
Sir John Beavs

Left Ward
Nicholas de Segrave
Henry de Hastings (Constable of Kenilworth Castle)
John Giffard
Hervey de Borham.
Rober de Vere 5th earl of Oxford,
Geoffrey de Lucy

Reserve battle
Simon de Montfort 6th Earl of Leicester
Ralph de Horingunder (standard bearer)
Alderman Thomas of Pevelsdon
William Le Blound ( Baron of Ixworth, standard bearer, died at Lewes)

Unplaced Rebel knights
Richard de Sandwich (Bishop of London)
Geoffry Cuberle
Henry de Braunceston
Rodger Bigod (earl of Norfolk)
John de Burgh
Thomas de Clare
Sir John Beavs
Ralph Basset 1st Baron of Sapcote (sheriff of Lincolnshire, Gov of Northhampton castle died at Evesham)
Ralph Basset of Drayton ( and Basset, Died at Evesham)
Stephen Basset
John Beauchamp (Baron of Bedford, of Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, died at Evesham)
William de Mandeville
Hugh de Despenser (earl of Premboke)
John Le Despencer
Rodger Le Despenser
John de Burgh,
Robert de Ros
John de Vesey
Richard de Vipont
Ralph Heringot (Welsh)
John de Burdeleys
Thomas de Astley (Knight of Astley, Warwick, died at Evesham)
William Maltravers
John Gifford
Anketinus de Martivall’
Ankerus de Freschevil
Richard Folyot
Stephen de Berksted Bishop of Chichester.
William de Birmingham (Baron of Dudley, died at Evesham)
Richard de Trussel
Robert Fitz Nicholas
Robert de Hartshill
Hugh de Neville
Walter de Colville
Adam de Newmarket
Baldwin Bake
Walter de Cantilupe (bishop of Worchester)
Giles de Argentan
Fulk of Deane
Harry de Hastings
Genculine de Bladesmere (Baron Badlesmere)
Rodger Bertram (Barons of Bertram and Midford)
Captured at the siege of Northampton, before Lewes;
Simon junior de Montfort, Peter de Montfort, Piers de Montfort, Robert de Monfort, Adam of Newmarch, Baldwin Wake, William Marshall, William de Ferrers, Rodger Bertram de Mitford, Simon FitzSimon, Reginald de Waterville, Hugh Gebyon, Philip de Drieby, Thomas Maunsel, Rodger Boteville, Robert de Newington, Grimbald Pauncefot, William de Furnival, William de Warre, Guy du Lewknor (azure three chevrons argent), John de Dykelynge, Hugh de Pembrigge, William de Harecurte, William de Gyleford, John Esturney, Richard de Caleworth, Ralph Peroth, Ingram de Baillol, Guy Russell (steward of the bishop of London), Richard de Hemyngton, Simon de Pateshyll, William de Wheltoun, Eustace de Watford, Edmund de Arderne, Phillip FitzRobert, Robert Maloree, Rodger de Hyde, Andrew de Jarpenville, Rodger de Hakelington, William de Preston, Simon Waterville, Hamo de Wycleston, Roger de Monteney, William de Awngevin, Ralph de Diva, Philip de Daventre, Richard Everard, Ralph de Wodckyme, Rodger de S. Philibert, I d Rye, William de Lymare, Hugh de Twye, John de Boseville, Ralph de Brotton, John de Bracebridge.

Other Rebel Knights
Richard de Grey was holding Dover Castle.
Nothing is known as to the whereabouts of Walter de Colville and Robert de Toeny.
Reginald de Grey (holding the coast?)
Stephen Bersted (?)
Robert III de Ferrers, 6th Earl of Derby - pillaging in the south (known Templar Knight)
John de Eyvill?
Thomas de Cantilupe Lord Abergavenny?

Royalists 1500 horse , 6000 foot
Left ward
King Henry?
Humphrey (IV) de Bohun (2nd Earl of Hereford and 1st Earl of Essex)
Rodger of Leybourne (sheriff of Cumberland) (Marcher Lord)
William Basset
Phillip Basset (Justicar)
William de Axemouth
William de Wilton (Justicar)

Middle ward
Earl Richard of Cornwall (King of the Romans)
Prince Edmund Plantagenet (Earl of Chester)
Robert de Bruce (5th Lord of Annandale, and Lord of Hartlepool/Hartness, Known Templar Knight)
John Bailleul (Lord of Bailleul, Barnard Castle, Gainford and later King of Scotland, known Templar knight)
John Comyn (Scottish) Lord of Badenoch
John Fitz-Alan Earl of Sussex, Lord of Clun and Oswestry
Henry de Percy.
Guy de Bailleul

Right ward
Prince Edward
William de Valence (Guillaume de Lusignan, 1st Earl of Wexford and 1st Earl of Pembroke)
Guy de Lusignan
John de Warenne (6th earl of Surrey)
Hugh Bigod (Justiciar)
William I of Blois Earl of Warren
Phillip de Valence
Antony Bek (later Prince Bishop of Durham)

Unplaced Royalist Knights
William Bardolf (Baron Bardolf)(taken prisoner after Lewes) (governor of Nottingham castle)
Rodger de Clifford
Robert de Tattershall
Rodger de Someri
William Basset
Phillip Basset
Humphrey de Valence
Rodger Mortimer Lord of Radnor, Baron of Wigmor
Rodger Leyburn
Henry de Allmaine (brother of Earl Richard of Cornwall)
Peter Fitzherbet
Fulk Fitzwarren
William de Wilton
James de Audley
Alan La Zouche
William Maudit (or Mauduit), 8th Earl of Warwick
Amalric de Lusignan (not 100% certain, perhaps in France)
Adam de Grenville
Simon III de Senlis (not 100% certain, perhaps in France)
Ralph (of Stanstead) de GERNON (not 100% cetain, perhaps in France )
Geoffrey de Neville of Hornby Castle, Lancashire (captured at Lewes?)
Robert de Neville
Peter de Neville (Not Present, constable of castle)
John de Grey
Walter de Grey
Ranulf Dacre
Baldwin Wake
Adam of Jesmond, sheriff of Northumberland
Andrew de Peverell of Hampshire
Hugh de Peverell of Devon
Hugh de Saunford
Warin III de Bassingbourne and Blyborough
William de Beauchamp, 9th Earl of Warwick (not 100% certain, may of been in the North)
James de Audley (Alditheley) (not 1005 certain, Governor of Castles Salop and Bridgenorth, sheriff of Salop/Shropshire and Stafford)
William II Longespée (2nd Earl of Salisbury, perhaps in the right ward with the other templar knights)
Walter de Burgh ( 2nd Lord of Connaught and 1st Earl of Ulster, not 100% certain, possibly still in Ireland)
Hugh de Baliol ( 3rd Baron of Biweld, county of Northumberland)

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Friday, March 27, 2015

French 1/72nd LeO 451

Off the table for my 20mm French Army a ground Leo 451 attack bomber to knock out some Bosch armoured columns...I hope!