Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year! 2022


A big Happy New Year to our family and friends across the world! 

Wishing all of you a happy and successful 2022. I am enjoying the sunshine and warm weather back in Australia for a number of weeks before we return to kick off the 2022 season. Over the next few days I will do a sum up of 2021 and what we have planned for French Wargame Holidays in 2022. 



Luftstreitkräfte Albatross W4

 Luftstreitkräfte Albatross W4

One of my last builds for 2021 was a 1/72 Roden Albatross W4, not a bad build but like most Roden kits I pinned the wings and made new struts to make it better for wargame handling! I opted for the simple brown natural and unpainted canvas wings, the transfers were again a problem being oversized for the kit. I painted them with varnish then cut to size. 

Albatross W4



Austrian Napoleonic Infantry General

 Austrian General de Division

My last figure post for 2021! I hope to crack on with 2022 as the last of our renovations come to a close in April 2022 (I hope!) 1200 square meters of a 18th century French Maison completed in a bit over four years, then more painting and some new tours and wargame events to hold. 

As part of my build for my Napoleonic Austrian army project for 2022 I have decided to paint some Austrians as part of the Analogue painting challenge also to help spur me on.

 An Austrian Infantry general de division. A lovely Front rank miniature, that I really enjoyed painting, particularly like the staff officers coat as I really feel it looks correct. My Austrians are a real mix of Front Rank, Victrix, Perry and Revolutionary Armies miniatures to paint over the next twelve months.



Austrian Napoleonic Cavalry General

 Austrian Cavalry General de Division 

As part of my build for my Napoleonic Austrian army project next year I have decided to paint some also as part of the Analogue painting challenge. First up is an Austrian Hussar cavalry  general de division. A lovely Front rank miniature, although all of my hussars will be perry when I paint them I could not resist this figure!  

Austrian Hussar General


Junkers D1 Luftstreitkräfte

 Junkers D1 (the furniture van)

Next build for canvas eagles collection is a Roden Junkers D1 and was a great build very simple and easy in comparison too its twin winged friends. I painted totally in purple and green, copying a similar build using the fabulous 1/32nd Wingnut models. The Roden 1/72 decals were delicate, so I switched to Pheon models decals to save the day, the pilot is a ww1 20mm Wartime Miniatures pilot. As it is a Canvas eagles model no wires were added. Really happy with my results
Junkers D1 1/72 Roden kit

One of the groundbreaking aircraft of WW1, the all metal monoplane with a thick cantilevered wing design creating extra lift and using duralumin pipes with aluminium riveted corrugated duralumin (alloy), it first seen frontline use in september 1917. I knew I had to build one when I seen the kit on a shelf at the local model shop.

The Junk D1 was nicknamed the furniture Van and only flew with the Luftstreitkräfte. The colour schemes are contentious, The Air Ministry report on Junkers D.1 5183/18 found abandoned at Evere, Belgium in January 1919 notes that “The wings are painted a pale green, with irregular patches of light mauve on top, and white underneath”. Close examination of photographic evidence shows that the “light mauve” and “white” were not sprayed on but applied with a brush or perhaps by sponge etc. The fuselage of 5183/18 had been overpainted ...“a chocolate-brown colour, except underneath, where a white pigment has been applied”. It also noted that “pale green” could be seen where the brown paint had come off. Interior duralumin surfaces and frames were left unpainted on the prototype J 7 and may have remained unpainted on the first few aircraft but a photo on page 12 of Datafile 33 shows the interior painted in a reasonably dark colour that was probably grey-green. Interior steel brackets and collars riveted with iron rivets appear to have been painted black or possibly with red-brown primer unless overpainted with grey-green.


Thursday, December 30, 2021

French Imperial Guard Mamelukes

French Imperial Guard Mamelukes

First entry for the Analogue Painting Challenge are a unit of Foundry 28mm Mamelukes. I have had these in my possession for at least ten years and as part of my continued focus to clear out my project drawers before I move into my new painting and project workshop on the top floor in March. 

They were quite quick to paint and I chose a simple five colour palette and just mixed and matched as I went, I decided to paint green and red leatherwork rather than the normal black just so I could use them as mamelukes or French  Imperial Guard. I also have based them individually as I will use them for skirmish games, plus I have a unit of Gringo 40s to paint that matches my larger figures of my collection.


NSW Naval Landing Party Boxer rebellion

 Colonial NSW Naval Sailor

As part of my desk clear out of my project drawers I decided over the Christmas break to paint some 54mm figures that are not quite up to modern casting and sculpting. These old school figures allow me to practice on large figures particularly my skin colouring and blending  etc.

I am quite happy with my result although I could of spent more time on the tunic but he will fit in fine on my top shelf of my Louis 17th display porcelain cabinet in the Wargames salon. 

 I do know that he was sculpted by Mike Broadbent (Eureka sculpter ) in his early days, I am guessing 25 odd years ago and Mike gave him to me one day when I was visiting his house. He has sat in my large figure drawer collection for at least that long. 


Gladiators we salute you Dust and Shadows part 6

 Gladiators we salute you Part 6!

Another 3 gladiators completed all black tree again, with a few shield swaps to suit the personality. and now a few animals plus my chariots and my collection will be ready for the arena! I have enjoyed painting these, especially the atlantean. 

The Arena build is still coming along with a few changes from my original idea. When I return from Holidays in Australia in Feburary I will crack on!

looks like the emperor! 

looks like Minimus rather than Maximus!

Atlantean is ready!


Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Jasta 10 part two lt Hans Klein

Jasta 10 part 2

Completed my first aircraft for the three aircraft I am building for Jasta 10. The Roden kit was very tricky build with a lot of parts being replaced otherwise it would not handle normal wargame handling for Canvas eagles. The transfers again were appalling so I used Pheon transfers.  

I am sort of happy, not really 100% with the build. I hand painted the yellow and I had it little too thick but I did achieve the stripey look of hand painted canvas with the white. I nevertheless it will take to the skies and very soon be on the table using canvas eagles rules. The pilot is from Wartime Miniatures ww1 pilot range I commissioned a number of years ago.

The aircraft is Lt Hans Klein, he lead Jasta 10 from the 17th September 1917 until he was wounded in February 1918 flying a Pfalz dxiii. a record of 22 victories, 1 unconfirmed. 

Lt Hans Klein Jasta 10

Lt Hans Klein Jasta 10


Thursday, December 23, 2021

Joyeux Noel to One and all

 We wish you a Merry Christmas 

To all of our friends and followers a seasons greetings from a very fresh Mayenne winters night. 

I have a few posts to complete for the year and I plan to get them all out tomorrow and complete the photography on my last pieces for the year. 

Matt and Nessa

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Analogue Painting challenge Preparation

 Analogue Painting Challenge part one Preparation ….2021-22

I have commenced preparation for the Analogue Painting Challenge has commenced with me making a shortlist then preparing the miniatures for the 3 month long challenge. 

Number One!  French War of Breton Succession.
This army is the closest to completion for my war of Breton succession collection
Cavalry I have two units, one of 6 French and 6 Italian chevaliers to paint. Total 120 points
Infantry 24 heavy infantry (two units of 12) total 120 points
Total 240

Number Two HYW English  
Again a army that is very close, I may also do some extra foot that I will receive for Christmas
24 Welsh longbow 120
Total 120

Roman Army
This army has been on my painting list for years, 6 or 7 at least time to get a start on it!
140 legionaries 700
114 Auxiliary's foot and archers 570
8 cavalry 80
14 praetorians 70
8 command 40
2 wounded 10
2 war machines 4 crew 40 points 
Total 1510

I should top out somewhere here, however as I am afflicted by the Wargames squirrel,  I have also added some back up stuff

Ww2 British (back up plan 1) just because they are ready for paint.....
2x Cromwell regiment 14 tanks 210 points
Armoured car regiment 9 vehicles 135 points
Total 345

Austrians (back up plan 2!) Ok need to be assembled, I have good intentions.......)
Austrian Generals
200 infantry 1000
6 mounted officers 60
60 cavalry 600
2 guns and 8 crew 60
Total 1720. 

French Napoleonic
I have French Imperial Guard cavalry and two battalions of 1805 infantry 

I really want to keep up my terrain tuesdays so I have also added in two chateaux to be built and a few other medieval pieces.

So even with some squirrel switching between periods I should keep up the interest and it not become a chore. 

Cleaning brushes nd clearing the decks for Tuesdays commencement!


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Israeli Armoured Recon unit part 1


 Israeli Armoured recon unit

Next addition to my Israeli army for my Arab-Israeli war collection is a recon platoon of 10 figs, I also plan to add three jeeps, one with a 106mm RCL another with command radio and one gun jeep. I am still looking for a suitable unit to base them on for the six day war. 

The figures are from the platoon 20 range, which I am happy to report that the range has been purchased and will be back in production soon I hear at East Front Miniatures. The radio operator is from the later range, but I wanted one so I purchased him.

Israeli Recon company 


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Gladiators Dust and Shadows part 5

 Dust and Shadows part 5

Another 3 completed, really happy with these chaps , again Black Tree Design miniatures. I hopefully will get close to completing the amphitheatre this weekend!

Gladiator Numidian 




Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Jasta 10 ww1 WIP 1

Jasta 10 1916-18 Part one

It has been a while since I have built any ww1 aircraft for my Flying Circus but during my three week painters block I watched two ww1 films and put together four kits. Two of these will join Jasta 10, the others are for another Luftstreitkräfte posts. 

In June 1917 Jasta 10 joined the flying circus along and was credited with 118 enemy planes and 33 enemy observation balloons destroyed. In turn, it would lose twenty killed in action, another killed in a flying accident, ten wounded in action, and four held as prisoners of war

First plane off the block is the most famous Pilot of the Jasta, Werner Voss credited with 48 kills, 14 with Jasta 10. I will paint his triplane in the familiar colours of Jasta 10, a yellow nose and tail (as per recorded his shot down aircraft), not sure if I will add the large white field to the cross pattée and yellow tail plane tops (not recorded for Voss)

"Capt. J. McCudden, No. 56 Squadron ... saw a S.E.5a fighting a triplane, so with others dived at it, and for the next ten minutes the enemy triplane fought the five S.E.5s with great skill and determination. Eventually, however, it was destroyed by 2nd-Lieut. Rhys Davids of the same squadron, who had previously driven down a two-seater. . .The triplane was seen to crash in our lines by other pilots and the other occupant proved to be Lieut. Werner Voss, who was killed." Royal Flying Corps Communique

The second aircraft is Lt Hans Klein, he lead the Hasta from the 17th September 1917 until he was wounded in February 1918 flying a Pfalz dxiii. a record of 22 victories, 1 unconfirmed. I have built the Roden kit for this, a lot of work......

lt Hans Klein Jasta 10

The third will be Adam Barth, one confirmed before he was shot down. 

Vizefeldwebel Adam Barth

And another ace Obt Erich Löwenhardt, flying a Fokker Dvii. The son of a doctor, Löwenhardt served with an infantry regiment before he volunteered for the German Air Force. He was wounded in action over Roulers on 20 September 1917. After scoring his 54th victory, he collided with Lieutenant Alfred Wenz of Jasta 11, on the 10th August. Both men jumped from their planes but Löwenhardt was killed when his parachute failed to open. Löwenhardt had 54 victories at the time of his death.


Sunday, November 21, 2021

Analogue Painting Challenge 12th edition

 Analogue Painting Challenge 2021-22

Result of painful overstretching of the Analogue Painting Challenge

I will be partaking in the Analogue  Painting Challenge Again this year, I have reduced my points to 1200 points which is more achievable and less painful than last years stretch of 1500 points, which incidentally I failed by 150 points.

 The figure painting challenge really pushes production in the winter months and will also give me a spring board again into next year.  The challenge commences on the 21st of December and finishes on March 21st 2022.

You may commence the challenge with undercoated figures, and the points are scored thus

6mm foot figure = 0.5 point
6mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 1 point
6mm vehicle = 2 points
10mm foot figure = 1 point
10mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 2 points
10mm vehicle = 3 points
15mm foot figure = 2 points
15mm mounted figure, artillery piece or large crew served weapon = 4 points 15mm vehicle = 8 points
20mm foot figure = 4 points
20mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 8 points 20mm vehicle = 15 points

28mm foot figure = 5 points
28mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 10 points
28mm vehicle = 20 points
40mm foot figure = 7 points
40mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 15 points
40mm vehicle = 25 points
54mm foot figure = 10 points
54mm mounted figures, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 20 points
54mm vehicle, limber, etc. = 30 points

Terrain is based on 6 inch squared areas

My Cunning Plan....

I am selecting a mix of 28mm and 20mm figures and vehicles. It works out at 240 28mm figures basically. Plus I intend to complete my two Chateaux builds, Norman conquest of Maine and 100 years war pieces. There is also a side challenge with a sci-fi theme, so I may partake in that to boost points.

  • Imperial Romans Foundry (in the pile of shame for 6 years)
  • HYW Scots
  • HYW English
  • HYW French
  • Breton Succession French 
  • Napoleonic Austrians
  • Napoleonic Russians
  • Napoleonic French (maybe) 
  • Republican Romans (maybe) 
  • 20mm Panzer Lehr
  • 20mm American 2nd Armoured
  • 20mm 9th Panzer
  • 20mm British armour 
  • 20mm American Armour
  • 20mm modern BAOR
  • 11th century chateau
  • 13th-14th century chateau
  • Ww2 buildings 
Any other suggestions lads?


Gladiators Dust and Shadows part 4

 Dust and Shadows part 4

Another 3 completed gladiators done for the collection, again Black tree design figures. Really happy how it is progressing, still have 16 to complete plus the spectators. I think I will complete the four on the table then switch to some other historical as I need a change. 

Galdiator, dust and shadows


Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Gladiators Dust and Shadows Terrain Tuesday Arena build part two

 Gladiator Arena 

Terrain Tuesday 

Commenced work on my Gladiator arena tonight, as part of terran Tuesday builds. First I cut out a 600x 600 plywood tile, cut my supporting sides sides, then glued and stapled into place. 

My standard terrain boards are 600 x 600

I then worked out my arena size so I could duplicate it at the other end, plus a central piece can be added for chariot racing, and that way it will fit on my table neatly at one end for chariot games. 

Ruler as compass

I then drilled points into a plastic ruler, one end in screwed into a central point and the other points are worked out to make the circles which increase at 2cm steps . 

The Arena Base 40 x 45 oblong

Lower arena, sand will be used to level out the ground 

Upper arean piece, this will form the walls

I moved the edge in so I could add shops against the wall

The stairs and seating is laid out

Glueing and setting overnight on the first two levels 

I plan to add cardboard to the interior walls and steps , then the exterior walls, place rendered  decoration and possibly graffiti and some market stalls. Until next week!


Friday, November 12, 2021

Gladiators Dust and shadows part 3

 We are but dust and shadows

Another 3 completed, again from the Black tree design range of Gladiators, again no names as yet. I have found some suitable styrene  and card to make the steps and walls. Not decided if I will paint the exterior walls yet or add some mosaics or graffiti. 

Black Tree design Gladiators