Friday, December 31, 2010

Mithridatic Cataphracts

Pontus, my continued obsession with the east for the 2011 build list. Mithradates IV Eupator was Rome's biggest threat in the east from 120BC to 63BC. Mithridates is remembered as one of Roman Republic’s most formidable and successful enemies, who engaged three of the prominent generals from the late Roman Republic in the Mithridatic Wars: Lucius Cornelius Sulla, Lucullus and Pompey.
My Pontic army has now been completly purchased lead wise and all I need to do is put some paint on the figures, three pike blocks of 24 (two in trousers and armour, one in no armour (ex slaves), two units heavy cavalry both Cataphract, one Pontic and Cappadocian, two units of light cavalry, one Scythian and one Armenian, one four horse sythed chariot probably for the king himself!, Bosporan hill tribesmen warband, thracian mercenary light infantry, mercenary missile troops including cretan archers, Bactrian sligers, and finaly a Galatian warband (gaulish dressed types apparently!). I may add to the army some imitation legionarys (probaly cathaginian heavy inf figures)so the army can cover the whole period.

I have decided to use Greek mythology beasts for all of my unit standards for my pontic army, it is a chellenge freehand but I am happy so far at my first attempt, anybody guess what it is!!!!!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gallic Flasher Fanatics

Some Black Tree Design Celts I bought at our clubs great marulan car boot sale last month, I needed to paint them as they wouldn't fit in the fully packed to the top celt box with 400 odd figures! I enjoyed painting these guys and tried using some old GW inks (from the 80s), I like the blue the best, the green is OK and a little disatified with the red, I have started like everybody else to use silfor tufts which add a wild grass look to bases and will continue the theme with the rest of my romans and celts, I guess I will also revisit my painted ancients also.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Pulp

The latest addition to my snow based pulp games a 28mm Mammoth taxi!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Roman fort builders

Roman Fort Builders

I found these while digging through some boxes last week, it the First Corps marching Roman fort building set, I have painted them so they suit both my republican armies, I also found some stubborn markers, along with set was the foundry set they are waiting in cue, possibly this week.

Roman Fort builders


Sulla's Legio XVIII Libyca

Sulla and Lictors

My Late Republican legion all First corps, post Marian reforms

Sulla and Lictors dismounted


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Evil Snowmen

painted up these guys for a upcoming Christmas Pulp Game and done the background this afternoon. Lots more to come

Friday, November 19, 2010

Roman Auxilia

Roman Auxilia Infantry and Cavalry

I finished a lot of these guys last year for Craigs 40th birthday bash, I have started to revisit my early and late republican and imperial roman armies and some of their enemies and allies and finish off a number of half completed units. Some items that need to be done are all of my republicans shields need transfers, I am short shields for my celts and germans plus transfers, and I need finish my republican roman cavalry two Alae.

In the coming weeks I intend to start my mixed Warlord and (perry bros) foundry Roman Augustan 1st cent AD army, then move onto my third cent army over the Christmas period.

A good mix of figures below, Warlord metals and plastics, some Foundry, Blacktree and First corps.

First corps Germanic 

Warlord Wardogs and Handler, some first corps dogs too!

Warlord Gallic Druid

Warlord Gallic Witch

Warlord Gallic Druid/ General

Black Tree Elephant with Numidian crew

Warlord metal and Plastic Imperial auxilia
Cohors II Britannorum

Warlord Belaric Slingers

First corps and Warlord Archers

First Corps Germanic 

First Corps and Warlord Eastern Archers
Cohors Augusta Nervia Pacensis


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Roman Command

Roman General and Lictors

Late Republican general and lictors from the First Corps range, great figures for the price

Roman General and Lictors


Friday, September 10, 2010 Moderns

Sometimes I think wargamers are a bit like women when it comes to buying stuff for our hobby we go out with good intentions to just get one or two items and come home with an armful! It all happened on Monday when the Cardinal and I went for a drive too Canberra to spend my Father’s day money and pick up some Vallejo paint and peruse the bookshops of Fyshwick (Academic remainders and Crusader books). We went to Crusader first to pick up some Vallejo paint and have a look at some books, so I picked up a mix of browns and some washes. Next stop was Toyworld and as my painting MOJO has returned and the weather is warming up I decided to peruse the kit shelves and decided to pick up an Apache helicopter (Airfix) as I am starting another modern army in 20mm and I thought justified it that way, then we decided to get some lunch next, however we thought that we really should visit Monaro hobbies. At Monaro I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of plastic kit they had of the shelves and decided to pick up a Trumpeter M1 Abrams, however on the way out they had a sale on ICM cold war Russian kits for $5 each, so I picked up 3 BTR152’s and 5 trucks!
Now I normally get one of my mates to put my kits together because they annoy me and I have two left hands when it come to fiddly bits. However as they last few days have been wet I have sat down and put four of the nine kits together already.
The Apache went together very nicely and I made the rotors removable for transport.

The ICM 152 kits are excellent and I put them together easily also, the ICM plastic is a little different
so setting times are a little longer, but I used a production line so I could do three models at the same time, a few little adjustments, so battle kit and damage then off to the spray booth for all of them (probably after I finish the trucks).

The BTR152s and trucks will see service with my Soviets for Afghanistan and Cold War and may even make it into my African Warlord army, so I think either a generic green or the tan/khaki camouflage.

On the painting desk I have some Volunteers de Clermont (see my 18th century blog 'Fine and Dandy") and some 18th century civilians, next up will be some WSS French and then some more Imperial Romans, and some individual British general characters for the “William Atkinson memorial build” on the Guild forum.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Victory without Qauter

The guys at the Goulburn Valiant Stormer’s are throwing around some ideas for the big project next year, a few of us think be 30 years war could be a possible front runner, as the warlord plastics lend themselves nicely to the period (still some discussion and dissention in the ranks as to basing conventions though), so with that thought a number of us have started to play test some rule sets. On Sunday Dave and I (we both normally play Warhammer English Civil War) had a game using the Free “Victory without Quarter” rules.

Using my ECW figs we each had a C in C, one cavalry general , two pike and shot blocks, one trotter and one galloper horse unit, one gun and a clubman for the parliament and highlanders for the Irish Royalists.

The game was played over 4 hours, I really liked the rules as I found they could be a little unpredictable and I liked the different factors for troop types and the card idea, although I think that VWQ will be a little slow for those players wanting to get two games in on a club day. VWQ still gave a satisfactory result and possibly would speed up after a few games; however I don’t think they would handle much more troop wise, two more pike blocks possibly and another regiment of horse each would slow it down even more. My ECW army is a mix of different figures, the Irish Montrose army are mostly Eureka, the pike and shot, horse, a mix of Old Glory, Perry and Eureka Highlanders and a Foundry gun and crew, On the parliment side, all Foundry and Perry except for the clubmen who are Warlord metals.

As the boys want to play a more grand tactical game I think VWQ will not be suitable for what we have in mind, although I would happily use VWQ for ECW. The next rule set we will play test is the Baroque set from the guys who wrote impetus.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Germans in the trees

A beautiful winter’s day today in the sunny city of Goulburn, about 13 degrees with no wind, I ventured out of the house and decided to do a re-org of the terrain boxes, after sorting out the buildings and the tree boxes out, I decided to refurbish some of the damaged trees with flock, creating six new poplars and a re-flocking about 15 others, I still need to refurbish about fifty trees, but I need some more rubberised horse hair, so a visit to the local upholstery shops this week is on the cards. I also marked out and cut the base for my manor house and some roman roads which I have been meaning to do, it should be all painted and completed by tomorrow night.

On the painting front I have finished my 28mm First Corps German tribal cavalry, and my last unit of 28mm Fenlon ACW figs Coppen’s Zouaves need flocking. I have also almost finished off my Warlord ECW clubmen, another unit of Foundry pike and shot, some Perry dismounted dragoons and warlord guns and crew, and they should all be on the table this weekend for our ECW club game.

My manor house has been cut out and will be glued down tomorrow, once I have painted the base coat on the base tonight. I have decided to do a fictional house but I have based it on an old Ian Weekly model, but not as big!
Looking forward to the clubs ECW bash this weekend, hopefully I will get some good pictures so I can do an AAR for you all.


Friday, July 30, 2010

English Civil War revisited

Funny how I tend to have little things like TV shows spark my interest in periods again, I was watching "Supersizers" elizabethan food on SBS last night and they had a feast in a magnificent manor house. After the show I thought I would do some cruising on the net and I started looking at ECW sieges of stately homes, well that started it, I vsited TMP and asked if anybody had some ground and floor plans of maor houses and today instead of painting I was planning a ECW manor house with a church, a wall or ditch and perhaps a ravelin for a gun emplacement. I decided to have a look through all of my magazines and books today and managed to find several articles and a whole book I forgot I had on ECW archaeology, with articles on ECW seiges and buildings and lots of suitable structures feeding the fire, many were making there way into my sketch book for planning a suitable building(s). So this weekend I should have a start on some buildings for our club game later this month on the 15th. I also dug out my ECW figs and decided to move some into the production line this week, undercoating occured this afternoon of 20 odd Warlord Games clubmen and 10 more Foundry dragoons both mounted and dismounted. I also discovered that I had not put all of my flags on my built units last year along with one unit of pikes are incomplete, so some pikes to be made and some printing to be done this weekend as my daughter makes my flags for me with her wizz bang graphics program. I will post my sketches tommorrow when my vision is complete! cheers (excited) Matt

Monday, July 26, 2010

ACW ironclads

Well such a beutiful day on Sunday I decided to take some photos after I finished preparing the garden beds for spring planting. I managed to get my ACW 1/1200th Langton ACW ships out and take a few photos so I thought I would share them. A bought a few of these for a river fight game for the ACW weekend, but they never managed to make it onto the table. I enjoyed painting these and after undercoating I think I painted all four in about two hours, a basic colour then a wash in devlan mud, and I am very pleased how they came out, I am thinking about returning and adding stays to the funnels with brush bristles and perhaps flags.

here they are
CSS Albermarle

Uss Cairo

USS Benton

USS Virginia