Monday, August 2, 2021

Camulogéne Chief of the Aulerci Gallic confederation

 Aulerci Chieftain Camulogéne 

Camulogéne or Camulogenos was the Gaulois Chief of the Aulerci Federation during Caesar’s conquest of Gaul. He is thought to have lead the first raising of the confederation of the Aulerci (Diablintes, Cenomani and the Eburovices) to fight against the Roman invaders with the Unelli against Caesars Lieutenant Titurius Sabinus 56BC. The Aulerci also sent a army in 56BC to assist the Veneti in Caesars Loire campaign. Finally in 52BC the Aulerci joined Vercingetorix rebellion and Camulogéne lead the confederation with the Parisii against Caesars lieutenant Labienus at the battle of Lutetia, where the Gaulois Federation was defeated and Camulogéne was killed in the fighting. 

Quite happy with my flesh tones although it lost a bit in the varnish process. The 28mm miniature is a converted Warlord Miniature Gallic Druid.

Aulerci chef Camulogéne
Aulerci Chef Camulogenos
Gallic Chieftain Camulogenos
Gallic Chief

Gallic Cheiftan



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Nicely done Matt

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