Monday, March 4, 2024

A Cunning plan - 2024

2024 A cunning plan 

This year I will be back in Oz for Christmas up to Cancon convention then back to France in March.  Big plans this year hopefully they will all meet some success! Wargames bookings are almost complete with only a few Wargame holiday weeks remaining in May, June and July, otherwise complete. 

Plans this year in no particular order

  • 18mm AB French infantry brigade or more 
  • 28mm WW2 (I know I swore I would not but ……
  • 28mm ancient Greeks just to compete the army really
  • 28mm ancient Germans (left overs from last years project yes there are more) 
  • 28mm Caesarian Roman’s 
  • 20mm Cold War Warpac, complete two battalion motorised infantry, vehicles, artillery and support equipment 60 infantry, 20-30 odd vehicles and 2 aircraft and one chopper. For my VDV (Quite a few kits to build)
  • 20mm Yom Kippur Egyptian vehicles and aircraft 16 vehicles and two aircraft. (Assembling of kits required) 
  • 28mm Napoleonic Prussians, British, Austrians and French infantry and cavalry  60-80 figs (undercoated, and several hundred to assemble) additions. 
  • Random 20mm vehicles, ww2 Dutch, ww2 Belgian, allied and German, just so I do not waste airbrush time really! (Lots prepared) 
  • Gaslands cars - 8-10 matchbox cars to be converted about 20 crew plus some terrain. 
  • 1/72 Ww1 aircraft more allied and Jasta builds (need to be built) 
I will also try to do a few pieces mostly at a whim and if it involves ww2 or modern aircraft (which I love building), random theme pieces, naval or space ships perhaps also. .

All the best to everyone this year, may you produce pieces of art worthy of the brush God!

French Wargame Holidays
Mayenne, France


Norm said...

That is a very full list, but my mantra to myself is that ‘there is only one way to get something done …. And that is to get something done! Good luck with list, at least there is a wide spread, so you can move from project to project to keep the motivation going.

Bluewillow said...

Cheers Norm, as normal shooting for the stars and ending up somewhere in between