Saturday, June 12, 2021

2nd Regiment of Dragoons 1800-1812

 2e Régiment Dragons 

One of the oldest French Cavalry regiments in service formed in 1556. In January 1792 the ancien regime former Conde regiment was renumbered the 2e Régiment Dragons. The regiment fought a large number of engagements from the Revolution to empire. I have used Elite 28mm miniatures which make up a majority of my French Napoleonic cavalry 1800-1812 army, although Elite are getting long in the tooth, They do look good in big units. 

Yet to be presented their Eagle by the Emperor! 

Battles and engagements 

Revolutionary wars 

Valmy 1792 (battle honor)
Neerwinden 1793
Wattignies 1793
Cholet 1793 (Vendee)
Pont de James 1794
Benthiem 1795
Rimbulen 1795
Seiburg 1796
Bamberg 1796
Wolfering 1796
Wurtzbourg 1796
Niederaken 1799
Zurich 1799 (battle honours)
Biberach 1800
Ampfingen 1800
Mannheim 1800
Hohenlinden 1800 (battle honours)

Napoleonic wars 

Wertingen 1805
Albeck 1805 
Ulm 1805
Austerlitz 1805 (battle honours)
Jena 1806
Golymin 1806 
Eylau 1807
Heilsburg 1807
Friedland 1807
1st Zaragoza 1808
Tedula 1808
Uclés 1809
Medellin 1809
Talavera 1809
Almonacid 1809
Wagram 1809
Busacco 1810
Chiclana 1811
Elvas  (siege) 1811
Vitoria 1813
Königsberg 1813
Danzig 1813
Leipzig 1813
Hanau 1813
Rambervillars 1814 
Brienne 1814
Saint Dizier 1814
Waterloo 1815
Sentis 1815 

Colonels and Chef de Brigade

1792: De Grouchy (Emmanuel) - Colonel (yes that Marechal Grouchy!)
1792: Colomb (Pierre) - Colonel
1793: De Vrigny (Louis-Cloquet) - Chef de Brigade
1793: Leclerc (Etienne) - Chef de Brigade
1794: Richer (Humbert) - Chef de Brigade
1794: Macquart (Francois) - Chef de Brigade
1796: De Fenerolles (Jacques-Marguerite-Etienne de Fornier) - Chef de Brigade
1803: Prive (Ythier-Sylvain) - Colonel
1807: Ismert (Pierre) - Colonel
1812: Hoffmayer (Laurent) - Colonel
1814: Laval (Francois-Marie) - Colonel
1814: Rapatel (Auguste-Francois-Marie) - Colonel
1815: Dubessy (Jean-Baptiste) - Colonel
1815: Planzeaux (Francois-Joseph) - Colonel



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Great looking dragoons, Matt!

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Great looking dragoons! Nice finish!
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And very nice they look too! They certainly got around the battlefields!

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Fine looking contribution to Dragoon Week in France!
Bonus points for the bearskins, and triple bonus points for the numbers on the shabraque and portmanteau.

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