Monday, January 30, 2023

Roman Siege Artillery

 Imperial Roman Siege Artillery

Off the desk last week two pieces of Roman siege artillery from Warlord Games, they go together nicely but would have liked more crew figures. These are commission figures for my mates army. I have a pair coming up for my army also. 

The Ballista is a superb model, just ensure that you face the twisted rope inwards (I made the mistake of placing it the wrong way around the first time) I drilled out a hole to string it, added plastic warlord stakes, the feet are a little small though in my opinion and so easily topple if it is not glued down properly. . 

The Onager is a nice model but is a bit of trouble to put together, take your time and make sure it is square, I used super glue on one side, then long drying glue to ensure it was straight . I went with the traditional red as requested for the tunics. 

Imperial Roman Ballista, Warlord Games

Imperial Roman Onager Warlord Games 



Gonsalvo said...

Lovely painting and basing, Matt!

Bluewillow said...

Cheers mate,I am very happy with them

Spyros Staikos said...