Saturday, July 2, 2022

Sassanid Pushtigbhan, Princes guard

 Sassanid Pushtigbhan 

My second unit of Sassanid Royal guard, this unit is also from A & A miniatures range. These chaps have been in my project drawers for around ten years. I ground off the raised decor with the dremel than sanded the horses smooth with wet and dry sandpaper, so a time consuming job to say the least. Quite happy with them could of spent more time on them but elected to get them table ready. They are the last cavalry unit I have for the army. 



Oregon painter said...

The extra design work on the horses boarding adds a fair amount of pop to them. Well done

Aly Morrison said...

Very nice indeed… what’s not to like about Sassanids.
I have some similar horses in my lead mountain… I may do the same as you as it looks a lot nicer.

All the best. Aly

Mike Vella said...

Nice work Matt! Very colourful.