Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Australian Napoleonic Congress 2011

Well another congress is done and dusted, a great weekend of gaming and chatting and buying of Napoleonic's was had. Saturday had four games and Sunday three very fine participation games for people to join in.

On Saturday Colin, Richard and myself played two peninsular games using Colin's very fine french ( Perry's) and Nathan's(superb front rank), Richards (yes more Front rank) . Mark and John Primrose put on the 1812 War games using a mix of figures from foundry and front rank. The Wollongong boys lead by Sparker with Marks fine peninsular terrain put on a very fine Albuera. Craig and Boyd hosted the Napoleonic Naval games which were over very quickly with lots of ships colliding and and on fire!

On Sunday Colin, Alan, both Richards, Ian, Ralph, Sam and myself played Gebora  a epic cavalry clash happened  on one of the flanks with 9 Spanish and 11 French Cavalry regts(of 24 or more each) having at each other the french coming away with a victory but were well spent, the French Infantry failed to push the Spanish off the hill so a minor win for the Spanish

Colin's French Corps on Parade
Naval Game Battle of Tamatave (Trafalger)
Battle of Tippecanoe (Brother against Brother)
Albuera 1811(Black Powder)
Lundy's Lane 1812 (shako 2)
Gebora 1811 (Grand Manner)
All of that wonderful cavalry
The Spanish Stand
The french Regts become shaken and disorderd

More pics are on my Napoleonic blog here