Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Wip Wednesday - Crashed P-51D

 Last week I picked up as a bonus from a shop purchase the simple airfix P-51D model, the kit is so bad I decided to make it a wrecked aircraft. So I went looking for crashed P-51D locally, however they predominantly were P-51B/C so I finally settled on one that crashed in the Netherlands so I could use it in my Arnhem games. 

I have settled on a P-51d that was crash landed by Maj Shelton W (Shell) Monroe who went on to become the highest ace in the Korean War before losing his life to AA in Korea. 

The aircraft was from the 334th sqaudron and was marked QP-Q serial number 44-13411QP-Q

Markings are per the aircraft below. 

With under and over markings as per this one of the same unit

My version has had a wing snapped off and the fuel tanks damaged ready for paint this weekend.



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