Tuesday, November 29, 2022

13th Analogue Painting challenge - cunning plans


The annual Winter Analogue Painting Challenge is almost upon us again. This year I am trying to complete 1000 points as my painting target.

Points are awarded painting figures, artillery, vehicles, ships and terrain. As usual I will be concentrating on historical 20mm and 28mm miniatures with a few pieces thrown in for amusement. 

Scores are awarded thus

Foot 4 points
Mounted and guns 8 points
Vehicles 15points

Foot figure 5 points
Mounted or artillery 10 points
Vehicle 20 points

Cunning Plans

My plan is to complete a number of projects, as I tend to squirrel and swap and change a bit to prevent boredom I have gone for a broad approach across several projects.

1. My plan this year is 1000 points in total, I plan to complete a few personal projects (British Airborne & Volkssturm) plus add armies for our wargames holiday business relating to local battles and sieges. 

  • 28mm Caesarian army project 120+ odd figs, artillery, auxiliaries and cavalry 
  • 20mm American airborne, artillery, jeeps etc plus three Waco gliders 70+odd figures + 3 fighters for air support 
  • 20mm Ww2 British Para - additions to my British para brigade, a supply section and drop area, complete three specific 1/72 horsa gliders for operation Tonga, plus my Hamilcar and tank, plus some jeeps and trailers transports. 
  • 20mm Volkssturm fall of Berlin 3 battalions, artillery and bits. 70 odd figs plus artillery and AA bits 
  • 20mm panzer Lehr - 70 odd figures plus half tracks, panzers etc for Normandy. 
  • 20mm Cold War Warpac and Nato vehicles, plus VDV infantry regiment 100 figures  + 20-30 odd vehicles and 5 aircraft. 
  • Terrain :- paint my growing pile of 28mm ancient, medieval and 20mm ww2 3d printed buildings 
  • A few 28mm Napoleonic odds and sods Prussians, Austrians and French infantry and cavalry  60-180 figs planned and undercoated.
  • Random 20mm kit, ww2 Dutch, Belgian, Allied and German bits ( I have a lot of built aircraft that need paint….) 
I will also try to do a few pieces for the side adventures, mostly at a whim and if it involves aircraft (which I love building), naval or space ships.

Hopefully get as much as I can completed in the 90 day period permitted. 



Norm said...

A goodly target. It might be time for me to have a dabble with a challenge to get my painting habit back!

The 8 points for artillery, is that. Just the gun and then each crew counts as a foot - or is that scoring for the full, completed gun base?

Jonathan Freitag said...

Good plan, Matt. Good luck!

Jonathan Freitag said...

Just the gun, Norm.

Bluewillow said...

Just the gun or limber

Bluewillow said...

Thanks Johnathon