Monday, June 13, 2022

Book review -Tilly-sur-Seulles 1944


Finally back from our holidays in the lower Loire and some packages were awaiting me when I returned home.  First up was a bunch of books from the Heimdal book sale.

A book I have been meaning to pick up was Stéphane Jacquet’s, Tilly-sur-Seulles 1944, as it relates to my 50th infantry division project. Lots of Fabulous then and now photos and lots of personal accounts and maps. I will be plowing through this to make up some scenarios for my Tyne Tees and using what I can for building references and perhaps a tour. 

I rate all of Heimdals ww2 books and Stéphane as a author does a great job with his series. The text is in English and French and is worth the €59 price tag (on sale €50) and is a big tome with lots of great information. Rate 10 out of 10!



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