Friday, April 16, 2021

#30daykitchallenge progress part 2

 #30daykitchallenge part two

I been busy putting resin kits together over the last 10 days, plus some plastics. I have 9 more resin kits I should finish in the next few days, with lots of filling and hand rails and bits to be added.

Primarily British army kits this week.

Week two 17 completed

Armourfast Cromwell tanks, almost feels like cheating.....I am thinking about adding better lights, light guards and tow cables.....we shall see

Resin Traction are missing, so a search is required for the bumpers and lights

RAF Forward observer  

SHQ Polson

Humber A/C

total completed kits   31

I have hit my goal of 30 kits, but will continue building for the whole month as I want to complete my British and Egyptian armour



Norm said...

I wish the Armourfast catalogue was bigger! ;-)

Bluewillow said...

yes, it would make life easier!


rross said...

I dont think Armourfast is cheating at all Matt - they are great models for wargamers!

Bluewillow said...

They are great kits