Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hunnoi light cavalry

These units are the real start to my multi-allied or enemy units for my Sassanids and Late Romans.

Most of us are aware of the Hun invasions of the west, but I, like possibly you, was unaware of the troubles the Sassanids faced against the Nomadic tribes in the East.

 The Sassanids were constantly invaded by the Chionite, Ephthalite (Hephtalite)  and Hunnoi tribes in the 4th, 5th and 6th centurys'. The Sassanids like the Romans decided to settle the invading Nomadic tribes on their borders. Mostly along the great Golestan wall, this wall starts on the Caspian coast, circles North to the city Gonbade Kavous, continues towards the Northwest and finises in the Pishkamar Mountains of Afghanistan ( around 155klms long) and on the opposite bank of the on Caspian from the Derband pass (Caspian Gates) to the mountains (50klm) . The Sassanids' like the Romans had trouble controlling these Foederatus allies, even a Sassanid King, Kavad was put on the throne in 488 by the Ephthalites,  and he married a Ephthalite princess and had a Ephthalite bodygaurd whilst he was on the throne, and the Sassanid empire paid a heavy tribute  for 43 years.

These figures are from the Essex Mongol range, I have cut off the stirrups and pointed their feet downwards, I found them a nice change from painting regular Roman troops.



  1. Very good looking units, i like the diorama type bases, great stuff.


  2. I really like those units, great work!

  3. Great paintjob! I especially like the Arrangement of the figures.