Friday, July 13, 2012

The Last Earl Of Montrose

The easterly mist covered the small village of Upper Wuthering, the quite of the dawn was broken with the sound of three armoured vehicles tearing along the hedgerow lined road, the car lights lite up the main village square as the vehicles screeched to a halt, ghostly figures set up a perimeter around one of the armoured cars.   The people of these parts had seen very little of the troubles of the civil war being so far to the south west, quietly closed their blinds and quickly enter their cellars, hoping and praying that they would see the light of day once more...........

A tall dignified man exited the motor vehicle; it was none other than the James William Graham the Earl of Montrose, former peer and Navy Commander, his personal bodyguard stood by in full body armour and a large detachment of the CWAF (Coventor Women’s Auxiliary Force) had quickly taken up positions anxious and hoping their rescue would be on time as most of their vehicles were almost out of fuel.

Hot on their heels were the notorious Republic of Scotland (ROS) toughs lead by Captain Archibald Stuart Sinclair McPherson, tagging along was his best chum and adventurer Bertram Chudliegh Starkaddder leading the 6th coy of the Republic of Scotland Boy Scouts (ROSBC), like all ROS men they fancied  loud bikes, trucks and big guns.
ROS Lads

ROSBC toughs

Just south of the Border the “Kings Own Scottish Borderers” (KOSB) received a phone call that a number of armed men had arrived in Upper Wuthering, The officer on duty young 1st Lt Ralph Fiennes-de Bohun decided that he would nip the trouble makers in the bud before they crossed the border and decided to investigate.

Unbeknown to all parties a snatch and grab crew from the IRA lead by Liam Shamus O'Phartie  of the  Irish Republican Army, seeking Royalists or anyone of quality to snatch and use for propaganda.

Turn one and two seen the ROS and ROSBC advanced noisily up the road towards the village the scouts sweeping to the left and the ROS went up the centre, the KOSB advanced cautiously up the road and debussed within sight of the village, the IRA headed into cover sending the Lewis team and a rifle squad towards the local tavern.

the KOSB advanced cautiously up the road and debussed within sight of the village, the IRA headed into cover sending the Lewis team and a rifle squad towards the local tavern.

Turn three LMG and small arms fire sprayed out from the village some ROS and KOSB men are pinned, the scouts do some house decorating and clearing with grenades and the IRA men continue towards the tavern.

Turn four
The sound of angry bees greeted the  Kings Own Scottish Borderers as rounds from a LMG whizzed into their midst  the KOSB needed to follow rules of engagement  :lol:  so they returned fire but could only engage targets they could see, several men were pinned the truck driver was fatally hit.

The IRA men reached the top floor of the tavern and prepared the LMG, the ROS and ROBC continue house clearing with grenades.

turn five
The IRA wins the all important initiative and enfilade the Coventor’s pinning most of the CWAF in the street,

the KOSB head towards the cover of the buildings, the ROS  continue firing but a number go down

 the ROSBC are caught in the open and are pinned.

turn six

To add to the confusion Captain Peter Sinclair arrives in the Warrnambool Air Leagues aircraft to see what all the fuss is about, he decides to strafe the street causing a lot of casualties among the CWAF and the Coventor’s

 The IRA Lewis gunner decides to fire upon the plane and manages a engine hit, they want Montrose alive!

The ROS and ROSBC decide to take cover in the buildings

turn seven,
The ROS and ROSBC decide retreat is a better type of Valour.

The KOSB decide to start house clearing, two privates surprise Montrose but are gunned down, The remaining KOSB stay hiding

The CWAF are all killed in the crossfire and the remaining Montrose men flee into the buildings

The Covenanter’s rescue unit arrives on the edge of the table

Sinclair decides he had better head home

turn eight and nine
The IRA men occupy a Covenanter armoured car and decide to intercept the rescue squad and manage to stop them in their tracks.

The remaining IRA members take Montrose alive and are last seen heading for the coast!

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