Friday, June 8, 2012

Argentoratum/Strasbourg refight

This our clubs upcoming game  in June on the 17th of June. Between, Dave, Richard and myself we decided back in Feb to put together a refight of Argentoratum. I have been slowly working through my Roman army and also Daves! Along with this I have also been madly painting the Alamannic army, with only about a week to go it will be tight but worth it! I am yet to base any figures for the game hence no recent posts of painted figures so I have put together a list of waht is done and what needs doing!!!!! We will be playing with the Impetus rules which I am still reading at the moment!

CavalryEquites octavo Dalmatae (vexillationes comitatenses unit) light cavalry Painted
Scola Scutariorum Sagittariorum Painted
Scola gentilium seniorum (heavy cavalry) Painted
Scola Scutariorum Clibanariorum (guard extra heavy cavalry) Painted
Equites Sagittarii Clibanariorum (vexillatio comitatensis) Painted
Scola Scutariorum Prima (guard cavalry) probably light .......Dave
Scola armaturarum seniorum (with Julian) (heavy cavalry) Painted Dave

SeverusPrima Flavia Gallicana Constantia (Pseudocomitatenses) Painted
Sagittarii Tungri(auxilia palatina) painted
Sagittarii venatores (auxilia palatina)painted
Sagittarii Nervii Gallicani painted
Balistarii pseudocomitatenses painted

First Line
Petulantes seniores (auxilia palatina) painted
Heruli seniores (auxilia palatina) painted
Moesiacii seniores (comitatenses) Richard Painted
Pannoniciani seniores (comitatenses) Dave
Ioviani seniores (Legiones palatinae) Richard Painted
Heculani seniores (Legiones palatinae) Richard Painted
Cornuti seniores (auxilia palatina) painted
Brachiati seniores (auxilia palatina) painted

Second Line
Celtae seniores (Auxilia palatina) painted
Primani seniores painted
Batavi seniores (auxilia palatina) painted
Regii seniores (auxilia palatina) painted

16 warbands x 2 deep (32 bases)....still being painted!
8 light cavalry 4 painted
6 light inf bases painted

next post will be the battle report!!!!!!!



  1. Sounds excellent Matt, look forward to the report and photos.

  2. Good stuff, this is one I'd love to do as well. Please let us know how it goes...

  3. you should come up Mike, and a bit far for you Caliban!