Thursday, January 21, 2010

They Followed the Plume!

Welcome this blog will be dedicated to my Ancients, Medievals, and Renaissance, colonial, Pulp, ww1, ww2 and modern projects that take up my the other half of my painting time.

Why "They followed the Plume" as a title, well almost every general officer from ancient to renaissance had a Feathered plume in thier hat or helmet so it sort of made sense!

All of my armies are in 20mm (ww2 and moderns) or 28mm and come from a wide variety of maufacturers. This year I intend finnishing my Roman Republicans hastati and some cavalry along with a few allies , my WOTR army cavalry and more infantry, My Sassanids and my 3rd cent Romans, and some Rennaissance figures all for Wab, along with WW1 and WW2 stuff and a little Pulp.

On the planning and purchasing front more Renaissance for the Italian wars and more Sassanids.

This year looking forward to the WAB 2.0 rules, playtesting a few sets of rules and my Slingshot subscription, and releasing my new miniature ranges.


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