Thursday, February 11, 2016

A day for crows, Pontics whip Romans

Tonight Damiano and myself had a 400 point impetus game, I ran out my still in progress Pontics and Damiano put out his Romans. The extra 50 points makes a big difference as it allowed me to have three extra units in my Moab list, I opted for 1 Thracian, 1 Galation and a unit of slingers. Damiano picked two FL and a unit of archers.

We diced and I won and elected to defend, I placed my largest command on my right, made up entirely of infantry, FL javelin, FL Thracians and FP imitation Legionarys, on my left I set up the second command of two CP both impetuous, 2 large units of Galatians FP, two CL javelin and 1 unit of slingers. Damiano had on his left two FP A grade Legionarys, two S archers, one unit of CM, and 1  unit of Gladiators, and two FL javelin, on his right he had two FP legionarys, two FL javelin and Three S Archers.

The game started with me winning the command roll for both of my command in turn, on my right I advanced  and on my left I moved my CL forward, the rest of the command was already on opportunity. In Damiano turn he advanced both of his commands, but failed his second moves so everything become disordered except his archers in the middle and his FL light infantry on the fight flank who charged my CL, causing a casualty on one of the units who promptly retreated.

 In the second turn Damiano won the command roll on the left and advanced with his two archers who fired within 6 but failed to any casualties, the Pontic javelin returned fire and promptly destroyed both archer units, he then filled up with a combined assault of FP legionaries and FL lights, amazingly the Romans were all repulsed with casualties, by the Pontic FL. I then won the next roll on the right and released my CP heavy cavalry into his lights destroying both units, I then moved my CL to attack his archers but they failed to do any damage, I left my Galations on opportunity, and forgot all about my slingers who were in ambush in the rough ground on the far left. I then won the next roll on the right and managed to roll off all of the disorders except one FL Javelin, they then all fired again into the Romans who were still disordered and each of them received casualties, the dice gods were with me! Damiano then activated his left command advancing his FP heavy legionarys and archers the legionarys again failed there second move (incredible for A Grade) and the archers failed to hit the Galations.

In the third turn I won the command roll on my left and fired both my CL light cavalry into the archers destroying one unit, I then launched my CP heavy cavalry from the flank destroying the remaining archer units ( destroyed as they were caught in the flank) and followed up into the flank of the legionarys, who after three turns of combat finally were destroyed, the general was killed on a 6 also, this destroyed this command, so effectively the game was over. On the right I won the command roll again and my javelin fired at the FP legionarys and the FL lights and managed to destroy both legionary units and one FL, and capturing the general also on the general chart. This ended the game effectively and Damiano conceded the game.


  1. Excellent looking game Matty - love Impetus.

  2. Lovely looking game Matt. I haven't won a game against the Pontics with my Marian Romans, score is currently 3 nil!