Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Shooting for the Stars!

Well a happy New year to all of my fellow gamers and bloggers' out there, I have been thinking about what I would like to achieve this year with my gaming and modelling today, so I have decided to commit something to paper.

My primarily goal this year is that I would like to improve my airbrushing skills and use it a lot more, buy some video tutorials and even going for a lesson or two are high on my list. I currently have a Aztek 430 with a number of nozzles, I am sort of happy with it, but may fork out some more cash and move to a Iwata after using one on a friends model car, I found the control and clean up much easier.

Post more posts on my blogs, it helps with motivation I think!

I will not be competing in any major two day tournaments or competitions throughout the year and I am only committing to weekend friendly matches and club games with mates, the odd game at my place or theirs, rather than the hustle and bustle of a tournament at a convention. I do plan on travelling to the USA to visit Historicon this year for a look though.

I am planning on not buying to much of the latest ooohhh shiny offering and offloading a few armies this year, most are complete, some I am just bored with or are just part complete and I have lost interest. This will free up space and reduce my collection size plus adding some cash to the pocket. On the hit list, 28mm BC Persians, Celts, Middle republicans,  Imperial Romans, ECW and 30YW,  French WSS, ACW, Clan War and some 40k, along with some 20mm ww2 and moderns excess to my needs, 20mm Vietnam, and finally 28mm moderns.

On my list of things to do this year in some sort of order :-

  1. Pick up my display cabinet from Gregs and repair it. 
  2. 28mm Mediaevals finish the 60 odd cavalry and 40 odd infantry for Lewes. (plus take photos of completed units and post it!)
  3. French 1809 Napoleonics adding a few more batns and sqns, high on the list this year.
  4. 28mm Renaissance  Polish complete the 20 odd cav and 20 odd infantry, then possibly sell....
  5. 28mm Early Republican Romans and Celts complete the re-basing.
  6. 54mm to 100mm Large scale figures and busts plan to do a number, around 6 at least.
  7. Napoleonic naval 1/ 1200th ships, lots to do
  8. WW1 1/72nd aircraft ( some currently on the desk) finish off some Jasta's and some Brits to fight them!
  9. 28mm Mithradatic Pontics/successors complete the heavy infantry and Thracian light infantry.
  10. 28mm AWI finish purchasing a few bits and I really need to start this project, perhaps this could be the year!
  11. 28mm 7YW intend to do more Russians, French and British.
  12. 28mm Samurai complete the ashigaru and samurai cavalry. (not that high on the list)
My 20mm WW2 and modern collection resides on my other blog  but I have made a list for them too
  1. 20mm Complete German battle groups for Arnhem 9th and 10th SS finish these guys will be my main focus.
  2. Fallschirmjager and Luftwaffe field division next main focus.
  3. 20mm British Para refit and build my gliders for Arnhem. 
  4. 20mm WW2 French vehicles and infantry  some part painted already.
  5. 20mm Belgian WW2 guns, trucks and an Hurricane (currently on the painting table)
  6. 20mm Modern Russians vehicles, build and paint, a lot were part painted while on my holidays.
  7. 20mm Modern Americans Cold war, lots of vehicles and some aircraft to do.
  8. 20mm Polish WW2 infantry and vehicles, refit mostly.
  9. 20mm Dutch WW2 infantry and vehicles, a new army!
  10. Fix up the workshop so I can make another display cabinet and do some terrain work in the shed.
  11. 20mm Buildings.....lots of buildings....did I mention lots and lots of buildings....
  12. 20mm terrain revamp of hedges, roads, buildings and possibly a rebuild of a certain large table..........with sculpted terrain and teddy bear fur!
All the best with your endeavours this year



  1. Sounds like a plan, but can you control that oooh shiny moment?

  2. Nice plan, Matt. I took a break from painting & gaming late last year - as you see I acquired another interest :) That said, I hope to get some gaming in this year. Something quick and simple requiring few figures - like Lion and Dragon Rampant. Cheers!

  3. Some great things to look forward to there - perhaps we can even get together for a game now that we are both in Sydney. I have joined a small band of merry men who meet every fortnight in Chatswood. As a starting point anyway

    Interested in your 1/1200 Napoleonic ships. Just got my first Langton models myself and trying to work out which way is up :-)

    Historical would be brilliant - I missed it last year but Fall-In (also by HMGS) was fantastic.