Sunday, March 10, 2013

Primae Legio Armeniaca

Another  pseudocomitatensis Legio, possibly founded in the third century by  Diocletian. Under the command of Magister Militum per Orientem per Pontica.

  I have only found one reference to garrison of the Primae Legio Armeniaca, the coastal city of Anemurium (on the tip of Cape Anamur, opposite Cyprus)  the city was sacked by the the Sassanids in 260 AD. The unit was raised to the Field Army status to take part in Julian's' campaign of 363, and was still part of the feild army in 395AD (ND).

The figures are from the Crusader Late Roman range, the shields are hand painted, and this is my second last infantry unit in this army.



  1. They turned out fantastic! Especially I like the colours of the tunics. Is there any Chance in seeing a group shot of the whole army?

  2. Nice one Matt, some group shots of the whole army would be good.

  3. Nice work seem to be pumping these guys out...god work old chap

  4. Fantastic looking warriors! The shields are extremely nice! Greetings!