Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cuneus Equitum Secundorum Clibanariorum Palmirenorum

Next unit off the table for my is my last unit of heavy cavalry for my Romans, the Cuneus Equitum Secundorum Clibanariorum Palmirenorum, this unit was stationed in Antioch under the command of the Comitatus Orientis.  

The Units name has caused a lot of confusion among historians for some time, Cuneus means wedge in latin, so did the Palmirenorum fight in a blunt wedge, or were they a small part of the whole unit, the Secundorum is the second; the second Clibanariorum Palmirenorum, where is the first, was it destroyed, disbanded? And finally who raised it? Is it a unit that was raised by the Lion of Palmyra and did not take part in Zenobia's rebellion?

I wanted to do a unit that was a little different from my first unit, with a mix of open faces. I have not found out yet if they campaigned with any of the Roman campaigns in the east, but I suspect that they may have. The Miniatures are all A & A except two horses (face armour) which are Gripping Beast, the colours are all conjectural.



  1. Brothers in arms......good stuff. That red is magic.

  2. Great work Matt - the red and bronze is very striking!

  3. Oh wow! These are amazing!!! Excellent artwork and detail!