Thursday, February 14, 2013

Legio III Pia Parthica Serveriana

A pseudocomitatensis Legio, raised by the Emperor Lucius Spetimius Severus for his campaign against the Sassanids in 197AD. After the campaign III Parthica was stationed in Mesopotamia on the Upper Chaboras (modern Khabur on the border of Turkey and Syria) around Rhesaena, controlling the road between Edessa and Nisibis. They fought in the campaigns of Serverus' son Caracalla and Macrinus (217 AD), Serverus Alexander and Gordian III (244) and Philip the Arab. they took part in Valerians disastrous campaign, but must of been reformed as they also campaigned with Odaenathus of Palmyra(261-267) and Diocletian (284-305), They also made up the field army of Justinian campaign in 530AD.


  • Coins with the legend LE III P S (Legio III Partica Severiana)
  • Coins bearing the legend L III PIA may prove that the unit had received the surname Pia, 'pious.
  • Coins, from Sidon, suggest that veterans of III Parthica were settled in that city.
  • A Gold Coin that was found in the Roman theater of Orange, minted by the Gallic Emperor Victorinus in 271, and mentioning LEG III PARTHICA. It is of course possible that a sub unit was in the West, but it is not very likely. The reverse of this coin also has a centaur that may of been the legions emblem
According to the Notitia Dignitatum (East, 35), written at the beginning of the fifth century, the third Parthian legion was at Apadna in Osrhoene along with its sister unit the IIII Parthica, near the confluence of the rivers Chaboras and Euphrates.

The unit is unarmoured figures from Crusader Miniatures and the shields are hand painted from a description of I and II parthica shields, therefore the cross pattern and colours are hypothetical.




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  2. Fabulous! Your shields are so very well done.

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