Monday, June 4, 2012

Ross Skimmer Memorial Game

Last year we lost a member of the Goulburn Vailiant Stormers, Ross was almost exclusivly a ww2 gamer, he primarily collected Wehrmacht for Rapid Fire and loved to beat up yanks, so we decided to conduct two memorial games for him. In German warrior tradition I did not cut my facial hair and Chris did not have a haircut for 100 days.

Ross loved a well terrained table and Chris and I done our best for his memorial games. We conducted two games both vs Yanks, with a win for the Yanks on my table and one for the Germans on Chris's table.

Chris's RF game

And my Game!



  1. Nice looking game, I'm sure Ross would have approved!!!

  2. Great set up Matt and fantastic looking game. I was getting worried there for a while as I had not seen a post for some time

  3. Fabulous indeed and a fitting memorial.
    (Great tables by the way!)