Thursday, June 28, 2012

Equites Sagittarii

This is the second and third of my completed units for my Western/Eastern Late Roman Army from 330 to around 400. This army is being built to fight  Guys Sarmations, Dave and Andrews Romans and my Goths and Sassanid’s! These guys also came off the painting table at the same time as around 12 other units, these guys also do not have sheilds so no wait of my daughters Graphic design work and they were easy to post as they are done.

Again they are A and A miniatures, The sagittarii are quite versatile and could be used in any of my Fall of the West armies. I have based them for Impetus so the Equites sagittarii seniores and the Equites sagittarii iuniores look as though they are part way through a exercise known as the circulus cantabricus or Cantabrian circle, I am quite happy with the result!



  1. They look like a bunch of trouble makers ! it ! oooooh I'm looking forward to getting onto some of my A&A cavalry as well. Must have another outing with these chaps Matt.

  2. Very nice! I have a real sort spot for the A&As. I like that basing style, I do something with my own javelin/bow armed light cav.

    Cheers, Simon