Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saxon/Irish Army

I have just finished this army off this week, it is made up of three or four manufactures (as i like to mix up ancient and dark age armies a lot. As I all ready have three dark age armies and I am rapidly running out of storage, I am selling this army (I have sold the army since posting it this afternoon).

The army is designed to be quite flexible, late Saxon or Irish with three core units, two cavalry units one mercenary and one of mounted infantry, and a few skirmishers to finish it off, around 1800 points in WAB terms.

The standards are on printed paper with hand painted highlights particularly happy with the cavalry standard on the mercenary sarjents( they are all from Rays site, cheers mate!). The shields are a mix of LBM transfers and hand painted ones.

I really am looking forward to painting some more uniformed troops this week (7YW Prussians and Hanoverian's) as I am sick of irregular uniforms for the time being...then onto some moderns for a change and then maybe some more Roman auxilia.


Allied Late Roman/Aurthurian cavalry

The lastest units I have painted of Dave's army, a unit of cavalry which can represent any of the allied cavalry unit, the unit is a mix of manufactures. The last unit is some German type allied archers which should be quite versatile, able to be used from 300 to about 800AD.


Irish Pike and Shot

Some more of the ECW army I bought back at the carboot sale. This unit are all Eureka miniatures. They represent a Irish Pike and shot unit that arrived to help Montrose's campaign in Scotland. A quick paint touch up and re-basing was all that was required

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aurthurian/Late Roman Infantry

Next up are some infantry for Daves army, a mix of foundry, musketeer and gripping beast figures with hand painted sheilds. The allied elements remain to be done, Gothic/Sarmation type cavalry, and two units of infantry and possibly a secondary legionary unit, i will know when he drops off the figs tomorrow.

Lanciarii Gallicani Honoriani

Sagitarii Lecti

and Celtae Iuniores

Late Roman Cavalry

This unit of cavalry are part of a army that I am painting for a great mate and opponent Dave, a member of GVS. They could be used as late Romans or Aurthurians for WAB. I also needed a opponent for my Saxons, Romans and Sassanids. These figures are a mix of Gripping beast and foundry with LBM transfers.