Sunday, May 1, 2011

Allied aircraft

WOW Allied Aircraft

My first aircraft of the Allied airforce for 1/72nd Wings of War, these were put together by my good mate Chris who was up for the challenge of the Airfix RE8, and the Roden Se5 was a much kinder kit to build apparently. Both kits were painted with my trusty Aztek, then ink washed, then a combination of airbrush and brush highlighting and weathering, I don't know why but all allied transfers seem oversize so I have ordered some replacements for both of these aircraft, and I have some pilots (currently being sculpted, which I will put into production) on the way to fill the empty seats soon!

The trusty Aifix RE8, I ahve a second airfix kit that will be in Belgian colours

The Roden Se5, two more of these to build and paint!



  1. Good job, pilots being sculpted? I'd be interested in that, keep us posted.

  2. Great pics...a wee bit dark but still great.
    You are sculpting pilots?? That sounds VERY interesting!!

  3. Nice mate,can you edit out the stand? I can do it with Picasa,very easy(: