Sunday, April 3, 2011

These Rustics almost take the Honour from Victory .....Almost

Well Greg and I have always talked about a Boys weekend away gaming, drinking and yarning, and the opportunity came up last weekend, Greg needed to put some Klms on his car so we travelled up to visit Nathan and the boys from lonely gamers (a short 4 hour drive away). Nathan had kindly offered a weekend of colonial gaming something Greg and I have never played! The Friday night we arrived and after dinner sat around chatting and drinking some of Greg’s potent home brew, the next morning we set up for the first entre a quick 500 point game using Andrew Parr’s “Fortune and Glory” rules. I commanded the British and Greg commanded the Mahdists, within two hours we had a result with the British and allied Egyptians cleaning up after some amazing dice rolls on my behalf, I had captured three of the five victory locations and destroyed four of the six Mahdist units, the Egyptian troops performed like demons withdrawing then charging in to finish off two Mahdist units in the dying stages of the battle. see Part two for Game two cheers matt

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