Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jasta 2 1917 WOW

A great many discussions have been had at the club over the last few years of moving to 1/72nd scale WW1 air combat. Mark had a head start and has been building fleets of aircraft for the last ten years mostly to play canvas eagles. Two years ago a few of the chaps started to get excited by Wings Of War and played a few club games using the rules and the aircraft available, a number of great games were had with lots of "dakka dakka" and sound effects provided by a snoopy toy plane!

Last Novemeber we all played WOW in 1/72nd scale for the first time, Mark had designed all of the decks and most of us decided to get a few kits and build some early war and late war planes, last month three of us at the club played WOW early war (see Gregs Post here).

I have decided to concentrate on late war so this is my first Jasta of my planned three Jasta's, each jasta will have around five aircraft. These two still need some wire work, and to be gloss then flat matt clear finish done. I have selected two historical colour schemes so far from Jasta 2, the other two or three will be made up I think.

Albatross DIII flown by Ltn Hermann Frommherz 1917 , I am the most happy with this Kite, all hand painted including the stripes.

Albatross DIII flown by Werner Voss, again hand painted, the cross in oakleaves should be a swastika, I will fix this before the gloss coat.

yet to do Paul Baumers Pfalz DIII




  1. Nice looking planes. The revell planes are the best going (price) for WWI stringbags.

  2. Very nice, hand painted? or airbrushed? how many will you do?

  3. Nice kites! For Jerries that is :-)

  4. Very cool and WWI is the only period that interests my in air combat games.


  5. Thanks guys,

    Hand painted except for the decals, Frommherz stripes are hand painted though. Probaly about 16 - 20 jerries and 12-16 allied kites all told most are built just awaiting paint!