Monday, February 14, 2011

Leucosyri skirmishers

Also off the table this week are some Leucosyri hill tribesmen, the Leucosyri were termed White Syrians, and possibly settled in the Paphlagonia region by Alexander particularly around the Halys river, they were conquered by Pontus under Mithridates Ctistes (302–266 BC). I also have a spear block to do which will be an allied contingent of my Pontic army, I am yet to decide if i will issue them sparra, or a small sqaure sheild or perhaps even a round one. The Miniatures are from the Crusader Persian range and I hope I have done them justice.



  1. Matt:

    You've definitely done them justice - the close ups look like their larger scale. Great work on the eyes. I've stopped painting them on 28mm - too much effort :)! Your Pontic Army is looking great. I'm working on a Seleucid one now myself - for Magnesia with my buddy's Rep Romans. Regards, Dean

  2. I like those mate - they're great. Love the muted colours, they work really well.