Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Grand Gueule" BTLB battle report

At the Goulburn Valiant Sormers club meet on sunday we tried out "Beneath the Lilly Banners" as a tester for the upcoming "Lace wars" in October.

we used 7YW figures for the Prussian (Bruces) and British (mine) as stand ins for the Dutch (Greg B was a no show)and Daves WAS french

A lovely looking set of rules but not overly impressed with the substance, as they were very much same same as most other rule sets out there for the period, although I would like to try them with event cards to shake it up a bit.

The rules although they were quite playable, and probaly would be quicker after a couple of uses (if we didn't chat so much ), I did like the general abilities rolls which really played havoc with the British General, who failed on two occasions to move any troops. The have taken a few good bits and pieces from a number of rulesets I feel. Explantion fails them a little and a few areas possibly need a remake to make it clearer for those who are not horse and musket gamers to pick up the set and play.

I think I may use these for the deluge game for "Lace Wars" as the WAB based stuff will fit fine, although I will rework the cheat sheet to make it more clear for new comers.

As for the battle, The dastardly french held the crossroads and the village and the prussian allied army were to retake it, all went according to plan when the generals rolls started, the prussian cavalry and Infantry brigade commanders rolled exceptional commands, however the brit failed misserably and roll poor (despictable!) the french all rolled average c0ommanders. The entire allied army avanced at a slow pace and eventually the light infantry contacted each other, the position guns started a artillery dual which the prussians won,
The French held on even after the Prussian cavalry assaulted them on the left flank, and the prussian infantry never made it over the hedges around the village to take on the French Gaurd, and the second rate Brits failed to do much at all (probaly the generals fault ) as the poor general could only manouver 25% of his troops at any one time, and of course the French cannon shot up my Highlanders and another provincial unit !

so a tactical French win in the end!

I failed to remember to take my camera so the pics are Ian's


Friday, September 10, 2010

Sometimes I think wargamers are a bit like women when it comes to buying stuff for our hobby we go out with good intentions to just get one or two items and come home with an armful!

It all happened on Monday when the Cardinal and I went for a drive too Canberra to spend my Father’s day money and pick up some Vallejo paint and peruse the bookshops of Fyshwick (Academic remainders and Crusader books).

We went to Crusader first to pick up some Vallejo paint and have a look at some books, so I picked up a mix of browns and some washes. Next stop was Toyworld and as my painting MOJO has returned and the weather is warming up I decided to peruse the kit shelves and decided to pick up an Apache helicopter (Airfix) as I am starting another modern army in 20mm and I thought justified it that way, then we decided to get some lunch next, however we thought that we really should visit Monaro hobbies.

At Monaro I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of plastic kit they had of the shelves and decided to pick up a Trumpeter M1 Abrams, however on the way out they had a sale on ICM cold war Russian kits for $5 each, so I picked up 3 BTR152’s and 5 trucks!

Now I normally get one of my mates to put my kits together because they annoy me and I have two left hands when it come to fiddly bits. However as they last few days have been wet I have sat down and put four of the nine kits together already.
The Apache went together very nicely and I made the rotors removable for transport.

The ICM 152 kits are excellent and I put them together easily also, the ICM plastic is a little different so setting times are a little longer, but I used a production line so I could do three models at the same time, a few little adjustments, so battle kit and damage then off to the spray booth for all of them (probably after I finish the trucks).

The BTR152s and trucks will see service with my Soviets for Afghanistan and Cold War and may even make it into my African Warlord army, so I think either a generic green or the tan/khaki camouflage.

On the painting desk I have some Volunteers de Clermont (see my 18th century blog 'Fine and Dandy") and some 18th century civilians, next up will be some WSS French and then some more Imperial Romans, and some individual British general characters for the “William Atkinson memorial build” on the Guild forum.