Monday, July 26, 2010

Catching up and messing About

Well such a beutiful day on Sunday I decided to take some photos after I finished preparing the garden beds for spring planting. I managed to get my ACW 1/1200th Langton ACW ships out and take a few photos so I thought I would share them. A bought a few of these for a river fight game for the ACW weekend, but they never managed to make it onto the table. I enjoyed painting these and after undercoating I think I painted all four in about two hours, a basic colour then a wash in devlan mud, and I am very pleased how they came out, I am thinking about returning and adding stays to the funnels with brush bristles and perhaps flags.

here they are
CSS Albermarle

Uss Cairo

USS Benton

USS Virginia



  1. Very nice.

    Are those Langton bases?

  2. yes, except Virginia is on a card base until I buy another large one! hey are lovely models and I intend to fill out both navies and add some forts and the like.


  3. hello

    they are lovely models and have come up a treat with a nice paint job. the extra detailing you mentioned will certainly finish them off.