Monday, December 2, 2019

1st Louisiana Wheats Tigers Battalion

1st Louisiana Volunteers Wheats Tigers

Off the painting desk this week before my eyes go crossed from plaid, I finished off a quite paint job of some ACW figures I had in my "painting sometimes" pile, or draw to be more correct. From time to time while in the middle of a project and not feeling inspired I will pick up something very simple and paint it, from this pile of lead, then normally sell it, because I am no longer playing the period. This is the case for these chaps as I already have a battalion in my collection so surplus now to my needs. The 28mm miniatures are sculpted by the talented Mark Fenton, and are sold by Adventure time Miniatures through Elite Miniatures Australia, I think they are some of the finest sculpted ACW figures on the market today.

On eBay now here in my shop

The 1st Louisiana tigers had a bad reputation during the war, being raised from "the lowest scum of the lower Mississippi...adventurous wharf rats, thieves and outcasts...and bad characters generally." 
But I think almost all confederate players will have an entire battalion in their collection. I doubt as do historians that the entire battalion ever wore the Zouave uniform, as each company was raised independently,  but wargamers being wargamers will paint the entire battalion looking that way. Some still even paint the uniform in brown, which as far as I know has been disproved, being blue that has faded to a brown as the dye was of bad quality. 

This range is also available from Adventure Miniatures sold by Elite Miniatures Australia. Here