Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Vendée Rebellion Tour and Wargame

Our newest "Walk the battlefield in the morning, Wargame in the Afternoon" tour and wargame, we are really excited to offer this to our customers as the war in the Vendée and the revolution has a relationship with our Maison. 

The tour will commence in our square, with a overview of the rebellion and the effect on Mayenne and the Nobles who lived here. We then travel to the site of la Croix battaillie and walk the ground, then onto Entrammes to walk the Battlefield located around the bridge. Then back to Laval and visit the Basilique Notre Dame d'Avesnières, and the Vendée memorial, at the top of town we lunch in the old city and finally visit the location of the execution of the Prince Talmont, in front of his family Château.

After lunch we return to L'Hotel de Hercé and then Wargame the battle of Entrammes in the 18th century "Salon de Guerre ".

Full details on our website https://www.lhoteldeherce.fr



  1. What a great idea Matt. I hope you get plenty of takers for that one.

    1. Thank you Lawrence, two bookings for far so we are very happy.