Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Summing up 2019

It's a wrap up for 2019

A fine year of wargaming at French Wargame Holidays at L'Hotel de Hercé, we had visitors from all over the world, United States of America, Canadians, Australians and French made up a majority of the wargamers followed by some surprises, Chinese, Swiss, Latvian, Maltese, and Indian.

Our most popular "Walk the Battlefield in the morning, Wargame in the afternoon" tours was World War Two battlefield tours and wargaming, followed by high medieval battlefield tours and wargaming, with only two each for dark ages and ancient battlefield tours and games and one Renaissance tour and wargame. A large majority were ex or current serving military personnel, the remainder from all walks of life.  

Our standard Military history tours were also very popular, particularly DDay American sector, the 100 years war, and William the Conqueror  followed by our historical cultural tours to Brittany and the Loire. We did have two requests to follow in the footsteps of relatives who served during the liberation of France.

A large majority of the guests attended with there partners, they both enjoyed relaxing in the grand Salons and gardens of  L'Hotel de Hercé ,  shopping and dining locally, plus most couples enjoyed together our military history tours or our cultural tours. L'Hotel de Hercé achieved a average 9.7 on our general bed and breakfast bookings, which we are very proud of. 

Modelling and wargaming sum up 

Most popular image on Facebook and the blog was my Breton tartan painting with over 10000 hits

Most popular video on my you tube Chanel was my modular wargames table project

Also very productive on the painting front results
28mm Miniatures
115 cavalry
2 artillery plus 8 crew
336 infantry
20mm Miniatures
32 Infantry
2 A/C 
1 bus
1 wagon
2 canal boats completed
3 rowboats
1 church
1.8m x 5m table 
Four 20mm bunkers
28mm Medieval Hot oil
20mm Monastery
4x 20mm buildings
three 28mm medieval houses
6 cows
14 trees
Kits built
16 1/72 kits

Most popular 2019 posts were DDay at Carentan, Wheats Tigers and liveries of war of the roses.
In summing up, a lot completed with bigger plans for the coming year. A big thankyou to all of our guests this year, we are feeling excited with what 2020 will bring and look forward to your visit. 

Matt and Nessa


  1. Good output ... but clearly too much time on the minis and not enough on the 1:1.

    Nice photo at the top BTW ;)

    1. Not sure about that Richard, it's the restoration of the house taking up my time!


  2. A fine output and glad to hear the hotel is going well too! :)

    1. Thanks, it has been a very busy year, we exceeded budget and we are looking forward to 2020.


  3. A visit is on my to do list one day...

    Probably not 2020 unfortunately

    1. It will be a pleasure to host you David