Saturday, February 20, 2016

Knocking stuff around and fixing things!

Back in Janurary I made a list with things to do this year very happy to say two of the tasks are now complete.

Three weeks ago I finally picked up my cabinet that I built from Gregs in Canberra and put it in the shed for repair, having white ant damage to some time ago of the backing boards, it was only a small job but did take a little organising to get done. On the first,  I needed to remove the boards from the rear of the cabinet and checked the shelves for damage, it seems that the white ants  were caught early enough, so only a small amount of damage was done. I then went down to my local hardware and purchased enough boards to do the job, and had them cut to correct length along with the stain I thought match my sample. I then returned home and stained the timber with three coats ( waiting a day between coats) the assembled the cabinet. I let it dry out for a week before moving it into the house and placing figures into it, beside my other cabinet, so now all of my 28mm painted armies are on display.

You can see the white ant damage on the shelf, amazing that they did not eat into this also
Matched the others spot on

 Job two was last Saturday, my sons and I cleaned the garden shed and the two car garage, moved the work benches around and set up the timber working, tool shelves and leather work table, added brackets to walls and the ceiling for the fishing rods, and finally curtains on the Windows along with security mesh. I was very happy with the end result nothing like a clean organised workshop to work in!

This weekend I have continued to compete my Pontics and Romans, lots pics to follow tomorrow.


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