Monday, January 4, 2016

What of it, 2015!

After reading Richards post with all of his graphics and pie charts

I have decided to do a review of my 2015, firstly I would like to say that the move to Sydney was a necessary one (due to a divorce and Work) and I do miss my mates around the coffee table in sunny Goulburn, however it has been a liberating year for my hobby as a whole with no peer pressure to follow any real flavour of the month at the club.

Gaming has been quite good, participated in a few Goulburn Valiant Stormer meets,  even managing to get a place in a Impetus tournament, I even had few mid week gamesman. I am planning to do a lot more gaming this year, making it a high priority to use my newly painted modern 20mm especially.

I feel I have spent less time at my table this year but still produced quite a large Medieval army progressing my English and Scotish Lords for the battle Lewes, I still have a number to paint especially cavalry, and also need to take photos of the 400 odd 28mm figures that were completed ( maybe sometime this month) and add them to the blog.

More Renn Polish were completed also along with customer orders for 28mm imperial Romans, late Romans, ACW, Colonials, WW1 and some 7YW figures. I also started rebasing my republicans and celts, this is still underway at the moment. I even started a 28mm Mithradatic/ Successor army using a mix of plastic and metals and I plan to  finish this in the next few months leading up to winter.

WW2 20mm was another focus and I managed to complete another battn of French, a few Germans and a few moderns have also left the painting desk, and all are posted on my WW2 blog.

I have also enjoyed painting larger scale figures in 2015, receiving three commissions and starting two for myself and plan to make it a focus in 2016.

In November I travelled for three weeks to the UK and managed to walk a number of battlefields, Battle/Hastings, Lewes, Evesham (Barons Wars) Tewksbury, St Albans (Wotr) and finally Bristol, Worcester and Stowe on the wold (ECW) I had a blast and the majority of my pictures are either of armour, effigies etc or battlefields.

I was amazed though that most locals were unaware of the history surrounding them, whether  in be Iron Age fort, a Roman house, a Wotr battlefield or ECW battlefield. The best museum award was a tye between three, The Wallace Collection, St Albans Roman ruins and Bletchley park.

I still am undecided what to concentrate on in 2016, but I am thinking 20mm WW2 will be priority, followed by Medievals, and the rest following along behind.



  1. You'll also need to build a nice storage cabinet for all the toys that sit on the kitchen table. Very happy to meet at Bondi for coffee on a Saturday morning - you up for the drive?

  2. Good luck with all your projects in 2016 Matt!

  3. Good luck with your projects. Interesting what you said about the locals generally not knowing their history, especially Worcester:

    Some things never change ;)

  4. Good luck in 2016 Matty - take card and enjoy those wonderful figures of yours!