Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ambush in the woods

A few pics of a game over Christmas with Unlucky Generals 1940 Germans and my Belgian Chasseur Ardennais. The German Recon batn were to breech the gap for the armour to charge through and off the table......that was the plan anyway....

the front line, two bunkers , wire and a fortlet
the second line of defence, two AT guns and a T15

two French FT17 and one AT gun, various Belgians dug in

Last line of defence two british vickers

The German recon arrive at the fortlet

Heavy A/C coy arrive

and the MC coy 

they clear the defensive position allowing the support to arrive

they exploit the gap
A At rifle does its job
the heavy armour arrives

a counter attack causes a traffic jam, the sacrifice buys time

The Germans failed to get off the table in their allotted turns, result Draw, Unlucky General was afraid of the 47mm AT guns making him too cautious. A rematch will occur in Feb!