Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May Club Meeting at GVS

The May meeting was a good mix of Rapid Fire ww2, Maurice 7yw and two Impetus games.

I have a few Images to share of the games

Rapid Fire Polish s Russians 1939, My Polish got a run and the Russians ended up with a minor victory. Played by Ian, Leigh, Greg, Matt C, and myself.

A full report and scenario of the WW2 Polish vs Russians Rapid fire game

7YW Maurice game, played by the two Daves

Rex and Rhino played a blood thirtsy Dark Ages Impetus game, Rhino broke at 50% cas, Rex had 48%

Tartty, Ralph and Richard played a supurb Impetus Renaissance game.



  1. Some great looking battlefields here, fantastic pics!

  2. They all look great. That Renaissance game in particular looks amazing! Great photo's, thanks for sharing.