Monday, May 13, 2013

"Bloody April" Club Meet

Last month at the club we played a 7 player mini campaign for the day, lots of laughs and lots of dakka dakka carry on, we played using WOW rules which works well in large numbers of planes on the table. WOW is now called Wings of Glory. WOG now brings a few guffaws at the club, as in Australia it actually means anyone from Mediterranean heritage, our Italian club member bought this to our attenion when they made the name change to the rules.

I played as a german pilot,  as usual I still mix up my left and right turns so even I do not know where I am flying some times!!!!!

Game 1
The Valiant allies on patrol.

The aggressive German circus, led by the Baron Rhino.

The first allied plane suffers some damage by Hapt Willow, and the Baron

down he goes, he managed to walk away with a broken arm only....... first game over

Game 2
plucky Aussie RE8 takes on the circus, aggresively flying straight into the storm.....

the RE8 manages to fly through breaking up the german circus, the follwing camels pounce on the opportunity.....The RE8 finishes his recon and returns to his lines

Hapt Willow ges down in flames after a bodgey turn (left instead of right) turns me into the path of two aircraft.....I

 do manage to survive with broken ribs and concussion.
the fight continues

The Baron manages to shoot down one and damage another, Hapt Boydelli finishes him off.

Then is promptly shot down himself, the remaining allied plane flys off the table....

Game 3

Two rumplers are on a bombing mission and are pounced upon by camels and a French Spad from the clouds

The Spad gets a engine fire from a long range shot before camels start tailing the rumplers

The Baron and Rumplers team up for a kill, the pilot does not walk away, the spad suffers fataly and falls out of the sky, another win for the Germans.

Game 4

A close start , Lothar von Willow dies in the initial clash...........

The Baron gets one on, but gets hit in the effort

mid air explosion finishes off Cardinal Biggles

but the Baron is down, but walks away

The three allies pounce on the remaining Fokker

and finish him off!

Maurice at the club

And the Spanish Civil War game



  1. Nive looking games Matty. Not big on bi-plans but I reckon I could play a game or two.

  2. Awesome! I'm a massive Wings of War fan and it looks like you guys had some cracking games.

  3. Great games and a cracking blog!!

  4. Some great looking games. Seemed an enjoyable day