Sunday, June 17, 2012

Argentoratum/Strasbourg refight 2012

Down at the Goulburn Valiant Stormers club meet today I finally ran out my late Romans (along with units from Richard, Andrew and Dave's Late Romans) against my Germans (made up of my Germans, Vikings, and Richard and Dave's Saxons) we played the re-fight using the Impetus rules, which we have started using since the demise of WAB at the club. Impetus is simple fast and looks good, all pluses in my books and I have been looking for a new system for my late Romans and dark age armies.

The Battle of Strasbourg, also known as the Battle of Argentoratum, was fought in 357 between the Late Roman army under (future emperor) Julian and the Alamanni tribal confederation led by the joint paramount king Chnodomar. The battle took place near Strasbourg, called Argentoratum in Ammianus Marcellinus' account, Argentorate in the Tabula Peutingeriana.
Julians Army was outnumbered by a substantial margin, Julian's army won a complete victory after a hard-fought infantry struggle, the Romans finally drove the Alamanni beyond the river Rhine inflicting heavy losses upon the confederation. 

After set up we worked out the points around 600 points of Romans,  the Alamanni army had 900 points.

the Alamanni generals kicked off with confidence knowing that the large Germanic warbands could really stick it to the Romans on this day!

This bade well when in the first round a double six is rolled so a expert general is born!!!!

The Alamanni cavalry start with confidence

The Roman Cavalry are not intimidated

The Roman Infantry were set up historically, legio in the middle, and Auxillia palatina on each flank

Tarty's very Fine Late Romans from the A and A Range

The Auxillia Palatina were the Roman's secret weapon, taking the impetus away from the huge Germanic units.

Julian directs his sub generals

the Romans advance off the Hill

the Alamanni left and right flanks surge forward hoping to overwhelm the Romans on their flanks

The Alamani cavalry commander (me) is overconfident, my Commander Chnodomar, points out that I should not be proved to be very true!

Bad Alamanni cavalry rolls and amazing Roman rolls result in disaster for the Alamanni  cavalry, nearly all destroyed in three turns of fighting.

the Alamanni  right flank also loses to many to high archery casualties, bolt throwers are nasty........bad cohesion rolls result in the collapse of the Alamanni right flank on the forth turn.

break point is reached without the center even being engaged, the small Alamanni cavalry command and the right flank are all but destroyed by turn four, turn five the army losses result in a win for the romans........

History is replayed with lots of prisoners and loot for the Romans I guess!

reminder to self when playing Romans, the Auxilia palatina (negating impetus) and Saggitarii (especially at close range) are deadly, along with the Clibanariorum, who rode down three units for two casualtys.

I need to finish off some units completely before I post some pics of individual units(most are missing weapons and shields ....also awaiting transfers or some hand painted shields!)



  1. You sound just like me why I switched from WAB to Impetus and for the same reasons of which I'll add I prefer removing and moving large bases to single ones.
    Great looking game and nice report btw!


  2. Fabulous report and models... makes me want to get out and play a game today!

  3. Great looking game Matt. The Impetus basing really makes for attractive looking units.

  4. Looking very fine, indeed!


  5. This is beautiful and I love emperor Julian! Also what was with that naked woman?