Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big Game Hunters

Some recent figs off the table includes some big game hunters I bought from our clubs last swap meet, I will be using them in our pulp games......adventures and VBCW


  1. The fellas do look determined. The mountain man's weapon looks a precursor to the bazooka. What is it exactly? Thanks. And the paint and bases are very nice.

  2. Nicely painted - all you need now is something to shoot!

    Oh yes-- I am with Jay on the oversized weapon - weird!!!

  3. I reckon what the Mountain man is carrying is a buckskin rifle scabbard, to protect his beloved Hawken. (You can see the typical fringes wrapped around the scabbard fore & aft.)
    An essential item for any self-respecting 'plug-a-plew' man!

  4. Thanks for the clarification Norman.